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1. Which two training sessions did you select and why?

I chose the Microsoft excel and the Microsoft access training session, the reason why I chose the excel training session was so that I could gain more knowledge on better data analysis and ways in which one can make it more easier to insert formulas on data, excel is known for the analysis of a large sample of data. Microsoft access session is also concerned with data and therefore I wanted to learn more about how one can make computing easier when dealing with data that fall in different categories.

2. What were the highlights of the first training session?

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The first training session I chose was the Microsoft excel session, the main highlights included the great excel features, printing options of excel, creating a chart, enter formulas and working with the keyboard.

3. What were the highlights of the second training session?

The second training session was on Microsoft access, the main highlights in this session were differences between a list and a data base, primary keys, fields and tables and finally the four main objects that databases contain

4. Describe three benefits from each training session (six totals) that you will use in your personal or professional life.

From both training sessions I have improved my office package use with ease in understanding the application of both excel and access.

Microsoft Excel

I learnt how to import data into a worksheet, this has helped me text to ease my work of transferring text like data into excel without having to write the whole data manually from other office packages such as word.

I also learnt to use various formulas and short cuts to those formulas, in the case where one has a sample whose sample is over a hundred one can simply add up easily and also find the mean and also draw a histogram and other charts.

I also have learnt to use more than one chart, in this case I have learnt also to auto fill formulas having only written the on the first row, this makes it easier to use on data that require to be multiplied by different columns on the worksheet.

Microsoft Access

In this course I learnt how to use queries and let access give an output, example in a case where one wants to know how many individuals in a company earn more than a certain level of income, all you need to do is enter a query and then you get your results.

I also learnt how to make a database which aids in organization of work, the data base will be created with fields such as address, location, department and even the name, this will aid in organization of the data of employees to a manager or accountant.

I also learnt how to use the data in access to mail merge, this entails the writing of a letter in word and leaving some fields linked to the data and then one only has to merge the letter with the data base and one can write to a hundred people within minutes.

5. What would you add to either training session in terms of improvement, if anything?

In terms of improving the training session I would recommend that there be more advanced learning concerning the various Microsoft packages, this will involve animation of ways in which various applications are applied.


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