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Business in today’s world have been evolving with pace, so are their communication platforms. E-mail has been widely used in communicating between staff members. As emails are fast and quick to send the numbers of emails sent in an organization is enormous, so handling so many emails have been difficult for businesses. Employees also look for fast information regarding contacts, previous emails and attachments. A fast and effective communication within organization increases work efficiency and productivity.

For managing suggest demanding needs Microsoft launched its exchange server which has the capacity to manage huge number of emails, contacts, business info, tasks and support for data storage. Microsoft exchange has become the most widely used email system in the world, its performance and operational characteristics are understandable and operations are readily accessible. Microsoft exchange server 2007 has come with many enhancements and new features.

Its huge database handling capability has made business activities much quicker and also information gathering has become convenient for employees. Microsoft exchange server 2007 was released on November 30, 2006, this edition included new clustering capabilities, a first time introduced 64-bit support for greater scalability, better search and support for web services (Microsoft). Microsoft Exchange Server’s Impact on Communication

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Microsoft exchange server 2007 has come with its own reliable features, with increase email use and huge data handling, security has become a major issue, reports suggest that 70% of communication is done through emails. In modern day internet spam and viruses have been too problematic for organizations. With the exchange server 2007 security has been improved, its anti spam capability will help businesses deal with unsolicited bulk emails, as controlling spam has become more and more difficult, making email usage slow and costly as spam’s brings with them viruses.

The messaging system has become very convenient as emails are received as soon as they are sent no matter from where they have been sent this way response becomes quicker. Exchange server 2007 has also increased the maximum amount of supported mailbox databases to 50, and 50 storage groups, more storage groups has enabled more check point depth per user because of this the need of reading from the disk has been reduced. A unified messaging system ensures that all emails, voice mail, contacts and appointment data appear in the user’s inbox (Windows Server Systems, 2008).

This system also helps save time by giving workers access to same set of information wherever and whenever they want to. The unifies messaging system also ensures that the user does not lose a call if he is on another call as exchange server automatically asks for a voice message and then that voice message appears in the inbox, this also enables the exchange server to transfer voice message to home networks if the user is not present in the office, this give users greater flexibility to manage work form outside the office.

With employees under constant deadlines exchange server help them to consolidate all emails into one inbox, they therefore do not have to access more then one tool such Microsoft outlook to access emails, this saves time workers and also gives them greater accessibility. Its Exchange ActiveSync helps employees who travel a lot as they can use their mobiles to access exchange server, exchange server transfers all emails, contacts, appointments, faxes, voice emails and tasks to one mobile device, this helps users access information from anywhere they want (Mueller, 2008).

Exchange servers Outlook Voice Access also helps users get information through an ordinary phone, as it reads up contact information, corporate appointment, and also looks up and voice dial contacts from their own contact folder and also corporate contact folder. It also enables them to respond to meeting appointments and read up mails through voice navigation via the telephone. This also secure as the voice recognition software ensures that the authorized person is accessing exchange server.

The Microsoft exchange server is reliable, as the costly and time consuming effort of safeguarding data and also ensuring that the data backup is available has been reduced significantly as the memory of exchange server stands at 16tb, this helps store huge sets of information. This introduction of SAN-based storage not only safeguards data against harmful viruses and intrusions but also has the ability to constantly backup the data.

With increase awareness of business to ensure business continuity incase of emergency situations the exchange server can recover lost data as its replication ability ensures that data backup is constantly being created (Cavalancia, 2007). Whenever new data is stored the exchange server automatically replicates its and creates a backup. The 64-bit support gives much more compatibility with other software’s. Exchange server can work with outlook web access, outlook voice access and outlook mobile. Also its command-line shell has improved interaction with software.

Its GUI interface has been simplified for user convenience (Microsoft). The new Exchange Management Shell has new command line shell and also scripting language for administration. This allows users to perform every task which graphical users can and also save complex tasks into scripts. The exchange server has 375 commands to work with the software. Enhancements in 2010 Edition Microsoft has also recently launched exchange server 2010, this new edition has promised more reduction of cost by addressing infrastructure problems such as backup, email storage, mobile access and voice mail without the need of any third-party tools.

It has also improved disaster recovery and high availability demands of businesses. It has also initiated to reduce calls to help desk as users are provided with new self-service capabilities. Voice messages can also be transformed into a text message and then sent to the mobile of user (Didee, 2009). More reliable anti-spam and malware functions have improved on security provided by exchange server 2007. There is also a centrally managed information protection control features which gives greater security and encryption control for the organization or user. Conclusion

The ever expanding business dealings and economic activities has called for reliable communication software, exchange server is just what the organizations need. Integrating voice mails and faxes to inbox has greatly improved communication in the business. Exchange server has allowed businesses to forget worries about storage and data safeguarding, helping them concentrate more on operational activities of business. Also with greater threats of terrorism and natural disasters exchange server ensures that business continuity is achieved no matter what the situation.

With automated data backup and huge memory organizations don’t have to spend on new storage devices and organizing data. Exchange server has greatly improved business efficiency and high availability which helps employees access information much more conveniently, also unified messaging system has made it accessible for users, no matter where you are or what communication device you have exchange server ensures that information is readily available and accessible by any device such as an ordinary telephone and mobile.

Exchange server has revolutionized communication and information accessibility for business making it the most sought after communication platform in the world. References Didee A. (2009). Forrester Consulting. The total impact of exchange server 2010, retrieved August 3, 2010 from www. forester. com Cavalancia, Nick (2007). Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: a beginner’s guide. Mcgraw-Hill Microsoft (n. d. ) . Microsoft exchange server 2007 retrieved August 3, 2010 from http://www. microsoft. com/exchange/2010/en/us/exchange-2007-overview.aspx Mueller, John (2008) Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 for Dummies. For Dummies Windows server systems (2006).

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