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Database professionals are capable of understanding what an application is and how it should go about. Other than that, they also encounter application errors and problems oftentimes. Since they are the only group who are expected to know everything in a database environment, end users often regard them as experts – someone who knows how to solve any problem that a database environment has (Cyr, 2006). But with so many demands, there should be an appropriate scheme for responding to the issues.

In year 2006, SQL Server Magazine released the results from the Salary survey which was conducted a few weeks back. The results reveal that the easiest and quickest way to address an issue is not processed through a straight line method. Instead, it may look similar to a spiral stair case wherein the prior step would mean a foundation for the next step. However, there are a few SQL experts out there who do not share the same strategy on responding issues.

Moran, a consultant of Solid Quality learning added that one can be considered an expert if he or she is able to fix the problem earlier than somebody else does. Miller, on the other hand, is a research analyst of Wichita State University, who is set to be an expert in every practical-related undertaking (Cyr, 2006). He is a self-taught database professional who managed to serve a group of people sharing a database application problem (Cyr, 2006). Miller and Moran are just two of the many experts of SQL server.

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Regardless of their respective responsibility and background, they share basic means to build a solid foundation on their expertise. The three most important lessons to learn are: to create a strong understanding of the core technology they work with,, the ability to use various information resources, and connections to the IT community through where they can share ideas. References Cyr, D. (2006, December). What makes you an Expert? Retrieved June 23, 2009, from www. sqlmag. com

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