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Message to Customer:

Please read…

In the succeeding pages you will see the brief summary of the whole case and the major events for cases 17 and 20 as you have required in you order. I could not however put in the proper citations because the copies you have uploaded were not able to include the page numbers. Also the authors of the stories were not specified. So I was left with the option of numbering the pages Page 1 up to the last page.

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For your guidance CASE 17 had 14 pages. I cannot identify the page number so I used the 14 pages and numbered them 1-14. The first page being number 1 and the last page being number 14

I did the same thing for CASE 20 which had 16 pages. I used the 16 pages and numbered them 1-16. The first page being number 1 and the last page being number 16

I will gladly revise it for you with the proper citations right away, but I kindly need you to provide me with the page numbers and the name of the authors. Or if you want you can opt to provide the proper citations by yourself guided by the page numbers I have indicated.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience

Case 17

            Being burdened by an abnormality the life of Ray was a continuous struggle. In order to cope and continue on he found three areas where he could find solace and security. These three areas are: religion, friends and work. (Page 6) His abnormality, stuttering, often put his self esteem to a low point. This changed his outlook in life. Everything became dictated by his views of himself. (Page 2) His struggle started when his special teacher made him realize his abnormality during his tender years in kindergarten. (Page 2) He was however able to blossom and overcome his abnormality through his strong will and through seeking comfort in the three areas where he could find solace and security as earlier mentioned. (Page 6) With this he was able to withstand the pressures that life threw at him. He is now in the course of taking graduate studies which was where he pictured himself to be. (Page 14)

            During his tender years as a kindergarten Ray realized that he was different from the rest of his classmates. Despite the harsh insults he receives from his classmates he never realized that he had an abnormality. He wondered why his classmates were giving him harsh insults like calling him a “retard”. He approached his mother as to why his fellow classmates do such things.  His mother simply brushed this aside by saying that it was because his classmates were mean children. He was oblivious to the fact of his abnormality. He himself believed that he was pronouncing words correctly. Until that fateful day when his special tutor recorded his answers and afterwards allowed him to listen to it. He was shocked at what he heard. After that incident he began to look at life from a different perspective. (Page 2)

            There was a time in Ray’s life where his self esteem hit its lowest point. This was during his junior years in high school. His outlook on everything was dictated by his view of himself. During these times he built a reputation at his school for being able to get away with almost everything. Things like cheating, skipping classes, forgery and other things. This for him was a welcomed development because this gave him the opportunity to talk to others. This made him useful as kids would often look for him for help. He realized later on how inappropriate his acts were. (Page 3)

            One of the areas Ray sought comfort in is religion. In one instance a priest whom he admired offered him to join priesthood. This did well for Ray’s self esteem. This made him realize that there was value in him. There was good in him that this priest recognized. Religion helped but he himself knew that it was not enough. (Page 4) Another area where Ray sought comfort in is work. He worked in a library and where he was given recognition and where he realized that doing a task with integrity and diligence was important and was its own reward. (Page 6) Of course he also sought comfort in his friends particularly Bill who was for him a constant reassurance. (page 7)

            His tendency to stutter however was not the only trial he had to endure in his life. During one summer he met a girl named Ellen. With Ellen everything went right they understood each other well and they were compatible. There was an instant connection. Ellen was not bothered by the fact that Ray stutters. During these times Ray’s abnormality was almost cured in fact he did not stutter for a long time. The story with Ellen however ended tragically. She was raped. This reminded Ray of his own experiences and again put him in a very low point in his life. Eventually Ellen and Ray were not able to work things out. (Page 8-10) Despite all this however Ray was able to find a role for himself. He has used these painful experiences to learn lessons and do well. This paved the way for Ray’s growth. (Page 14) Ray’s story is proof that a strong will is no match for the hardships in life. If a person with such painful experiences was able to make it through there is no reason for others not to.

Case 20

Phuoc the main protagonist of the story has always been different. He was a pure Vietnamese raised in the United States of America. His life was a clash of cultures. He is aware of the fact that he owes a lot to his mother for taking them to America for better opportunities. Still, because of her mothers Vietnamese principles there were times when he did not agree with his mother. He felt she was too insensitive. After several painful experiences he realized that emotions hurt him more than they benefit him. This is why he gradually suppressed his emotions. It is not after several more experiences that he allowed himself to grow and hence had a better understanding of himself and his emotions. He has transitioned from a family burdened with culture clash to a balanced individual able to compromise both cultures.  (Page 1-17)

            Phouc began his journey to the United States of America when he was 4 years old. It was tumultuous. In fact they almost did not make it to America because of a storm. Fortunately however the heavens blessed them with sunshine and peaceful waters and they were able to safely arrive in. His mother was always emotional and her emotional breakdown was a commonplace for him. It was triggered every time his mother saw happy couples walking together in the park, seeing his sister and him doing chores, watching television shows that depicted any aspect of Vietnam and especially when Phouc and his sister did badly in school. (i.e. not getting straight As) Every time this happened Phouc stood by his mother he was always been told that real heroes don’t cry even when they bleed (Page 3)

            On his early years Phouc was never bothered by the fact that he was Vietnamese. However one incident triggered his usual calmness regarding his race. One of his classmates Eugene yelped at him “Shut up, you damn chink!” Releasing a fury within Phouc during their recess break he physically dealt with it by having a fight with Eugene. He was sent home and was reprimanded by his mother. However Phouc was confused why her mother did not seem to understand that the word was racist. Also Phouc because of his name was constantly teased. When he talked to his mother about it his mother simply laughed. This allowed a growing dislike and lack of respect for his mother build on him. (Page 6)

            His growing dislike for his mother swelled during the return of his mother’s ex-husband. He learned that his younger brother was being sexually abused by his step father. He could not tolerate it he knew it was wrong and he wanted to change that. However when he had the opportunity to speak up about it his mother took his stepfather’s side. She said Tai was his stepfather’s son, they were only playing and that it was none of his business. At this point Phouc had decided that his emotions hurt him more than it benefit him and gradually suppressed them. (Page 8-9) This was also the point in time where Phouc made a passive effort to rebel. He lied to his mother and cheated to get straight As. The feeling satisfied him. Through lying and cheating he had a feeling of control over his mom. (Page 10-11)

            His views however changed when his mother went to Vietnam for a vacation. He was left to care for his siblings. During that time he learned what ideal qualities a man and a woman should posses. He developed a new concept he learned not to divide genders and not to designate specific attributes each should acquire. (Page 14) His views also changed during his college years. He was able to develop a new, more equal relationship with his mother. Phouc now has a girlfriend Jenifer who helps him expresses his emotions which he previously tried to suppress. (Page 15) Phouc has now adjusted well and is doing well. He has realized that the culture that best suits him is neither Vietnamese nor American. It is both. While he believed in the American ideal that every person is equal he disapproved of children not treating their elders with respect and proper manners. (Page 16)

            Phouc’s journey and experiences was simply a long period of adjustment. The adjustment of a traditional Vietnamese family to the culture of American culture may not have been an easy one. But the transition was successful now the relationships between the members of the family are becoming closer and more intimate. (Page 16)

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