A Message to Garcia: Characteristics

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“A message to Garcia. ” Narrates characteristics of a competent and capable employee, represented by Rowan, which his mission to bring a message to general Garcia. This man is organized, attentive, cooperative, and able to act independently, it is good doing his hob and does not need to be constantly monitored. He is a person focused on results. If a job is assigned to him, he looks for himself how to do it crisp, accrued as soon as possible. He has a great confidence in himself and what he does, so it has no fear of being fired. He is a man that can be trusted to carry out any work from the simplest to the most complicated and important.

Personal responsibility means recognizing that you are responsible for your life and the choices you make. It means that you realize that while other people and events have an impact on your life, these people and events don’t shape your life. When you accept personal responsibility for your life, You own up to the fact that how your react to people and events is what’s important . And you can choose how to react to every person you meet and everything that happens to you. The essay exhorts the reader to apply this attitude to his own life as an avenue to success.

In other words if you take what you learned from the essay and put it to every day tasks, even down to the simplest thing you can be successful. It shows that you can handle a task. “ when Rowan was given a task of finding Garcia and told to take a message to him he straightway took the letter and went on his way. ” He did not ask questions about his mission he simple took the letter and headed out to accomplish the task assigned. Rowan the massager displayed many of the of the leadership traits. Like courage , dependability, decisiveness, in other words this man would make an excellent example of how a leader should be.

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This book is among the commandants reading list for marines to better them self and seek self-improvement. What I got from this book is that the author wanted people to read this book and in away be like Rowan, like how he took the message with out questions and successful delivered the message. But what I think is that if ever one took on a task with out question everyone will not always secede with what they heave been assigned to do. It is in a person nature to always ask questions in order to get it done the right way.

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