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Spark’s Message in a Bottle Intro

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This section will provide brief description on various significances of the study. To students. The proposed study will aide students facing emotional difficulties such as peer pressure while academically struggling. To teachers. The proposed study will help teachers to have deeper understanding with their students having trauma. With this, teachers will have stronger foundation as guidance of their apprentices. To future researcher. The proposed study will benefit and help the future researcher as this serve as their guide. This would be a key with our economy continually struggling o move ahead.

Scopes and Limitations The scope of this study is the breakthrough of an individual in traumatic events in life particularly with the loss of a love one. This provided steps gathered from reliable sources on how to deal with such situations. On the other hand, this study limits with psychological/emotional renewal. Methodology The method used in this study was the descriptive one. It aims to describe and interpret what the topic is. The said method in research writing fitted this study as it involves the elements or interpretation of the meaning or significance of what is described.

Also, the technique used by the group was content analysis which can be applied to examine any piece of writing or occurrence of recorded communication. Approach to Literary Criticism The process of descriptive research which goes beyond mere gathering suited as the group made moral, humanistic or affective approach defined closed to "morality' of literature and to questions of ethical goodness or badness directly affected by the also made in this study as breakdowns concerns personality, inner drives and neurosis. Procedure The researchers, with the procedure of making this study, analyzed first the novel they are to use.

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Spark’s Message in a Bottle Intro

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They gathered useful resources primarily tackling the problem they are to focus on. The making of a thesis comes next together with the formulation of questions they are to answer in this study. They made an outline from the data they have in hand and started taking notes. Lastly, the group has started the formulation of their paper. Instruments Used The researchers used instruments such as books and internet resources for the study. Articles from reliable magazines and academic papers were also considered by the group. The novel which became the basis of the study was entitled Message in a Bottle written by Nicholas Sparks.

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