International Business Communication Phase

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The management team from the United States will be in charge of the staffing for said restaurants. There will be a meeting of Executives in the United States, to explain the project and provide everyone with the necessary information needed to complete the task at hand, also giving the chance for all the executives get acquainted. Communication is very important in the business world and is required when expanding business to other countries. To have a complete understanding of a different culture, there has to be respect of customs, manners, and ethnicities.

It is important to understand being able to communicate both verbally and non- verbally is the key to success. Because each of the groups may speak a different language, it needs to be priority number one to make sure everyone is on the same page and there is no confusion. Some cultures can feel uncomfortable and insult others, when there is a lack of cultural understanding. Differing cultural standards of these countries include but are not limited to, politics, social, and education.

The language hurdles are an issue because of the people not knowing the other language does not understand when people have questions or comments. This will disturb the demonstration because it can cause confusion with communication between the different people and can cause them to be confused of the meeting and the information that they need to operate the business as taught. Language barriers can also cause rational replies and destructive sensitive replies. There are many approaches to aid everyone to improve a relationship with each other to help in conveying, execution, and growth.

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Other approaches consist of creating a bond, ask questions about their culture, opinion, and customs, and listen courteously to all persons to gain a complete understanding and knowledge of their views and their culture Conveying proficiently will let agreeing conditions between businesses partners become more easily. The win-win model would be the best form of a negotiating model for negotiating each set of partners. The win-win model entails agreeing on terms, both sides believing they have won.

Conditionally, there are different types of coming to terms more efficiently. The key to coming to an agreement, there needs to be an agreed upon set of terms both arties understanding what the other party wants, without taking away from the initial goal. A conflict can possibly arise, if there is a conflict of interest or if one feels one way and the other individual feels another way. When conflict arises, it is very important to know that there is a conflict and a resolution is required.

The outcome of a conflict can be either positive or negative. There are many techniques that can be developed to assist in handling conflict. It is important to know how important it is to satisfy your own needs and the needs of the other individual needs. To overcome conflicts, there are many strategies that you can use. Taking care of you and knowing yourself consist of understanding triggers and creating a better environment. The next strategy is to clarify the personal needs that are threatened by the conflict.

To clarify the personal needs, means to be substantive and identify what the desired outcome of the negotiation process is. Find a safe place to negotiate is another strategy that consists of appropriate space to negotiate, appropriate time, and agreeing on the ground rules. Taking the time to listen ill help when conflict arises; because it will help you know what is being said by listening actively and help you have a clear understanding of what the other individual is saying.

Specifically and clearly asserting your needs means to build from what you are hearing and using messages to clarify what is being said. Approaching flexibility and problem solving is a method for handling conflict and it means to find a solution or options identify the issues concisely and clearly, are open-minded, and to clarify what the criteria is for making the right decisions. Managing the issue calmly, patiently, and successfully will help to clarify any feelings, focus on the interests and needs, and to take a break.

Also, implement and evaluate the issue and know what the cause was for the conflict and it will show you how to handle it if the situation was to arise again. Errors that can happen when negotiating contracts are very likely. Making sure when asking questions you leave the question open so the other party feels like they are being included. The other parties needs and expectations are considered, this helps them feel what they are proposing is not being disregarded. Self-defeating compromise is another mistake to avoid.

This is cause from the fear of losing the deal or fear that the people you are negotiating with are taking advantage of you. Directing insensible messages is a no-no because it will show when a person is anxious or self-critical, the best thing to do is manage the problematic thoughts. Short term thinking will help to end the negotiating process fast and help gain immediate benefits. Talking too much is a mistake, because it can cause you to negotiate against yourself, rather than for yourself. When negotiating, you have to wait or pause and be informal able with being silent.

Requiring face to face meetings is a mistake because it is best to negotiate at a distance. Negotiating at a distance will help come to a better agreement and it help an individual concentrate more on the high priority items by looking at the issues in an abstract way. Being too pasty is a mistake that is made by most individuals when negotiating because it makes things look desperate when you are trying to push an individual to say yes. Rather than push the individual to say you, you need to provide the individual what the chance to say not.

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