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In Vietnamese textile industry, beside Viettien, Thai Tuan and An Phuoc also are big grand name. Therefore, to obtain market share and achieve success, Viettien must have understanding about their competitor. The survey also mention about some aspect such as discussion about competitors' strengths and responding to competitive action that threaten them. Through survey, there is the information that to clearly capture the strategies of competitor and respond as soon as possible, the top management team usually organize the meeting twice a month. Viettien always have action to respond to their competitors.

When Thai Tuan and An Phuoc aim to high class market with brands such as SILKI, ANPHUOC PIERRE CARDIN, viettien also launched new product to this market with two brands San Sciaro - high fashion style southern Italy, and Manhattan, high-fashion American style, has been franchised for a Viettien price 36,000 per year. Besides , to obtain more market share and protect itself from the fierce competition of competition, in about 5 years, Viettien has spent around $ 200,000 to buy suit technology of the U.S. and Japan, Germany jackets, khaki pants from Japan ... Recently, Viettien has released research quality product line, which is distinctive from the competition high and increasing human emotion, friendly environment. These have proven that Viettien built a good competitor orientation for itself.


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According to Lucie .K (2010), customer services play an important role in market orientation, because customer satisfaction with the product using can be increased through customer services. Beside quality, customer service is a effective solution to prevent the competition and ensure customer loyalty, further, it also increase company profit, decrease marketing cost and help to differentiate product (Bov�e ; Thill ,1992).

However, in Viettien, this stage still gets some troubles. The ability of employees to solve problem of customer is stay at low level. Recently, some complains of consumer about customer service of Viettien appeared on newspapers and internet. This trouble is also confirm in survey when level for top managers visit their current and prospective customers and the attention to after-sales service is stay four correspond with a moderate extent. Therefore, a high recommendation will focus on this stage of Viettien which is extremely useful in process of market orientation. Best solution is to send employee to a training course which can increase their experience in solving problem of customers.


This paper aims to have a close look to market orientation which is one of the most attractive research topics in marketing and management during the past decade. An important role of market orientation to the success of a organization has been defined through the findings of this report. The successes in strategy of Viettien mainly come from a good market orientation which includes consumer orientation, competitor orientation, and orientation inter-functional coordination. All of these contributed to create sustainable competitive advantage for Viettien. However, Viettien also need to reconsider its customer service and consider recommendation which can help it improve market orientation.

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