The Importance of Coordination between Project Management and Marketing Management for Customization Strategies

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Customization is here to stay and has become part of us. An achievement begins with strategies that know what to modify instead of only dealing with difficulties in management. The Working together of both the operations and marketing departments improves results (Orlando, 2007). According to Booz & Company (2008) lack of coordination by the marketing department and project management in doing some particular activities sets prices too high. This in turn affects the performance of customization strategies. Relationship between project management and marketing management

The o relationship between project management and marketing management is the objectives need to be the same. Marketing’s main objective is to meet the demand and supply of consumers without thinking of prices. The project manager is supposed to find a way to minimize these costs. (Booz & Company, 2008). They need to come to some level of agreement in terms of setting objectives so that they set specific objectives that reduces costs and keeps consumers satisfied. The other relationship between marketers and operations is cutting costs and satisfying consumers’ needs.

There seems to be a conflict between project management and marketing department. Instead of cooperating with each other, they are at loggerheads. Marketing wants many varieties to choose from while operations want to make those changes at low costs. The other relationship between the two departments is that they are reimbursed differently. Marketing revolves around unit sales while project management main concern is about reducing manufacturing cost. Project managers and marketers do not have the same interests.

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This factor can strain there relationship between them. Project managers are technicians and doers. While marketers do not deal with specific issues (Booz & Company, 2008). Other relationship that they share between them is reduction of costs. When project managers, cut down costs and do not consult marketers’ then that becomes a problem. Relevance of project management in the work force Project management and marketing management are important to each other and there is need for harmonization for the two when working together.

One department cannot do without the other, they are essential to each other (Booz & company,2008). The operations person assumes that, the sales people do not appreciate the cost factors while the sales people assume that the operations people do not appreciate that consumers are everything (Booz & company, 2008). There is need for a truce because in the event that they do not consult with each other it can bring to much variety of goods or cause costs to escalate (Booz & company, 2008).

Another importance is the involvement of top leadership in encouraging dialogue between the two departments. In addition, there needs to be a meeting where both, project management and marketing department discuss about strategies to create teams that are cross -functional. The relevance of finding a common ground to discuss these issues is of great importance as it attributes to actions that solely base on costing analysis (Booz & Company, 2008). What is apparent is what choices are made and when to make them.

The importance is to know the main objective of your organization’s purpose, as this will boost productions as well as marketing productivity. Appreciating both the real price and worth of the goods is important (Booze &Company, 2008). Organizations should centre there attention on customer understanding and set customizable elements into specific packages as an alternative of giving thousands of variations (Booze &Company, 2008). Incorporating strategic partners is essential in investigating costs productions (Orlando, 2007).

Conclusion It is therefore apparent that project management helps in reducing cost productions, in the case of Egol, Booz &company, (2008) remembers a situation where he modified nearly all the machinery in trying to please the consumers wants because they had specific requirements. If consumers are overwhelmed with goods to buy, they get so confused until they do not but at all. If here was an operational management they would have stopped the over indulgence.

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