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The recently released air quality study from Alarm Quality Management District (CAME) showed that Carson had a higher level of carcinogens than a comparable city because of the excessive use of cigarette smoke. In this year alone, he Surgeon General reported an Increase of deaths by 20% due to cigarette smoking, emphysema, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The pollutant level from cigarette smoke has increased the likelihood of a health related illness and/or death by 40%. COW Lives Wellness Inc. Has proposed to reduce cigarette smoking by 30% over the next three years. Our comprehensive program Includes two components. One component target individuals who do not smoke and the other component target individuals who want to stop smoking. Although the programs are different in approach, they share the same outcome. CHEVY has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Carson and the older.

By using electronic media, posters, pamphlets, and scheduling site visits, COW will be a constant and continual presence, enforcing the effects of cigarette smoking on health and the community. We will have guest speakers talk about youth and cigarette smoke, filmstrips to hospitals and respiratory centers, and the program culminates with a visit to the county medical examiner's office where the students will see a posthumous lung, esophagi, and larynx that were affected by cigarette smoke or second hand cigarette smoke. The second component deals with individuals who are currently smoking.

This program includes a medical program where the client would meet with a medical doctor prior to moving on through our variety of treatment and counseling and education programs. The participants in this component will also be required to work with the participants in the prevention component to give a "real-life" perspective on what smoking has done to them in their lives.

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Our eager and passionate team consists of our President, Eire's Wicks, MD., MBA, specializing in pediatric behaviors, with 12 years of experience in operating a successful non-profit organization; Vanessa Knee, Ph.D. De., Vice President and Director of Education, with 10 years of experience creating educational curriculum for K-12 schools; Hydra. Hearer, Vice President and Chief of Communications, Master's degree in Communications and Community Relations. Ms. Hearer has 10 years of experience in Public Outreach and Media Relations; and Chris Anderson, Director of Operations and Case Management. Mr. Anderson has a dual Master's Degree in Psychology and Sociology, and has 10 years' experience specializing in chemical dependency and addition; COW mission is clear, and we are equipped and ready to save lives.

We request that you partner with us by funding $80,000. 00 to help bring this life saving program to fruition. Sincerely, Eire's R. Wicks President Carson, CA has a population of about 92,000, 76% are adults, and 24% are people under the age of 18. The community is inundated with poor air quality due to industry and cigarette smoking. With an overwhelming number of documented smokers (13. 7%), and the increase of new smokers, the community is in dire need of an intervention.

Recent studies have shown an increase in smoking related deaths ever the past year and Air Quality Management District has deemed Carson as the unhealthiest city in the South Basin. If this community is not given an opportunity to receive professional help to end smoking addiction in addition to smoking prevention programs, the city of Wildfowl will slowly self-destruct. Worse yet, this problem would reach further than the City of Carson, economic impact would spread to the County, State, and Federal Government who would incur the medical costs and lose the worthwhile contributions to society that would have come from this thriving immunity.

Project Abstract

COW Lives Inc. is seeking grant funding to improve air quality and reduce smoker related illnesses and deaths in the community of Carson, CA. Smoking cigarettes is proven to be one of the most preventable causes of death in the United States. Studies show that cigarette smoking is one of the most highly addictive and destructive behaviors of modern mankind. Documented consequences of cigarette smoking include high risk exposure to deadly diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

The number of people under the age of 70 ho die from smoking related diseases exceeds the total figure for deaths caused by breast cancer, AIDS, traffic accidents, and drug addictions combined. Dating back to the sass's the US Surgeon General has warned that cigarette smoking is hazardous to human health. Many public awareness attempts have been made over the years to warn against cigarette smoking however there remains much more that needs to be done to target and prevent children from starting the addictive behavior of cigarette smoking and educating addicted smokers on available proven methods to stop the addiction.

Carson, CA is a community located in the East Los Angles area of Southern CA with a population of 15,000, 65% adult and 35% children under the age of 18. Current statistics show that 85% of the adults in Wildfowl have smoked cigarettes for all of their adult life with 40% starting before reaching the age of 18. Additionally studies released by the regions' Air Quality Management District (CAME) reported Wildfowl as having one of the highest rates of airborne carcinogens in the southern basin. Miming to gather more activists' against smoking, our project proposes to reduce make and tobacco use in the targeted community of Carson by 30% over 3 years.

To conduct our project we have a team of (10) college pre-medical and graduate study students consisting of

  • (3) medical students,
  • (3) sociology majors,
  • (2) psychology majors,
  • (2)K-12 education majors.

The community of Carson has seven K-12 public schools:

  • (4) elementary,
  • (2) middle,
  • (1) senior.

The largest employer of adult workers is Aerospace Incorporated, an industry with two major manufacturing plants in Carson employing 80% of the adult working population.

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