Essays on Addiction

Essays on Addiction

More than 20 million Americans ages 12 and over have an addiction. Whether it be from nicotine, illegal and psychoactive drugs, or alcohol use, over 90% of those with an addiction began drinking, smoking, or using illicit drugs before the age of 18. Addiction can affect anyone and everyone, and negatively affect those around them. Nicotine addiction, from tobacco use, causes asthma and otitis media (ear infections) in children. Illegal psychoactive drug addiction, from marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and opiates, and other mood-altering drug use, leads users to crimes such as burglary and prostitution to support their habit. Alcohol addiction, from alcohol use, can result in liver damage, organ system failure, and mental and physical challenges, while drinking and driving also often causes injury and death.

It is complicated to address the problem of addiction for public health to politicians because society’s view on alcohol on drug use changes often. Today, the use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol is generally accepted in society, like alcohol, tobacco, and, in some states, marijuana is all legal. Between alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana advertisements and peer pressure, young people are exposed to the notion that addictive behavior is ok. It is not uncommon for young people to grow up with a relative experience of addiction to someone close to them.

According to the CDC, 48.5 million Americans used illicit drugs or misused prescription drugs in 2016. Triple of what it was 20 years ago, 100 people die every day from drug overdoses today. In 2011, 9.4 million people reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs, with rates of illicit drug use highest among young people aged 18 to 25. Many of public health’s biggest successes in addressing the problem of addiction heavily rely on laws.

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Essay on Video Games Addiction

Addiction to anything happens when it starts being used excessively and when without it something seems incomplete in life. Like the additions of tea and coffee, now people are also getting additions of video games. From morning till night, they have started living in captivity …

AddictionAggressionInternetVideo GamesViolence
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Pages 12
Drug Addiction and Thesis Statement

Drugs addiction is a problem faced by many people of the world, it is a topic that interests many writers, and they wish to write an essay on drugs for this topic. Drugs are very harmful and keep the capability of dragging an individual towards …

AddictionDrug Addiction
Words 462
Pages 2
Monkey Drug Trials Experiment

Title: Monkey Drug Trials Experiment Authors: Deneau, Yanagita & Seevers Year: it was done in 1969 Purpose: The purpose of the experiment was to look at the effects of self-administration on drugs, drug abuse, and drug dependence in humans, by testing it on monkeys. They …

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Pages 4
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Essays on Addiction
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Argumentative Essay on Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette Smoking Should be Banned Cigarette smoking should be banned to decrease the health threats. Cigarette smoking is the inhalation of gases and hydrocarbon vapors generated by slowly burning tobacco in cigarettes. The harmful substances found in cigarettes and cigars are the carbon monoxide, nicotine, …

Words 4665
Pages 17
The Influence of Alcohol and Drugs in Edgar Allen Poe Life

The influence of alcohol and drugs in Edgar Allan Poe’s life “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dreamed before” (Edgar Allan Poe). Darkness and sadness are strong characteristics of Edgar Allan Poe’s writing. The …

Words 972
Pages 4
The Causes and Effects of Internet Addiction

There are a lot of people today in the world, especially in the Philippines who may have been addicted to different kinds of vices. One of these may probably be called “internet addiction. ” Men and women, even youngsters these days are being pulled out …

AddictionAdolescenceAnxietyInternetInternet Addiction
Words 1799
Pages 7
Informative Speech Outline on Addiction to Prescription Drugs

General-purpose: Addiction to prescription drugs Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, some common drugs that cause abuse, and their effects and some common treatments. Pattern: People living in today’s society must be aware about the dangers that …

Words 2789
Pages 11
Persuasive Essay About Smoking

Smoking: The Inhaled Killer Smoking is a very harmful habit that should be banned. This nasty habit has many grotesque side-effects. It causes yellow teeth, bad breath, smokers always smell like smoke, death, heart disease, cancer, asthma, emphysema, and many other health related problems. Smoking …

Words 332
Pages 2
Effects of Shopping Addiction

Shopping is a necessary part of life. We shop for food, clothing, cars, homes, or anything that may be a necessity to survive. If shopping is necessary, how can it also be an addiction? The answer is the same as with other addictions. According to …

Words 896
Pages 4
The Disadvantages of Smoking

How many times have you said this to yourself? I must stop smoking. This essay will detail the disadvantages holding you back while you continue to smoke, as well as the benefits of quitting. Darrael Robinson How many times have you said this to yourself? …

Words 1348
Pages 5
Shopaholic: Addiction and Shopping

A shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping. a person who can’t stop spending money at the mall. A shopaholic is a person that loves shopping, and might even be addicted to it. Some warning signs of shopping addiction include: spending a …

Words 2994
Pages 11
How the Visual Media Affect People

In modern society, media is everywhere, and It Is almost Impossible to avoid. The mass media have become such an ordinary, everyday part of society that many people fail to realize the immense impact which the mass media have on all aspects of society – …

Words 836
Pages 4
How Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Affect the Body

The topic of my research project is “How Flamin’ Hot Cheetos affect the body”. There are many ways flamin’ hot Cheetos can affect your body. Basically my research explains ways that flamin’ hot Cheetos could possibly affect you, but not necessarily happen. Flamin’ hot Cheetos …

AddictionBody ImageFood
Words 941
Pages 4
Health Education Model for Smoking Cessation

Smoking continues to be one of the largest preventable causes of death in the United States, and it is increasing among young females and adolescents. One in five will die from lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, or heart disease. It should be the goal …

Words 75
Pages 1
Drug Addiction as Depicted in the Movie “Ray”

I have watched two movies: “Ray” and “Traffic.”  I choose to focus on the movie “Ray” for a more realistic portrayal of drug abuse.  In this movie, drugs were used as a chief escape of the blind protagonist, Ray Charles Robinson, from the loneliness of …

AddictionDrug AddictionMovies
Words 787
Pages 3
Philip Morris International SWOT Analysis

Marlboro was first manufactured outside the US in 1957 in Switzerland. Ten years later, in 1967, Philip Morris & Co. , Ltd., Inc. Established separate companies to each be responsible for specific parts of the company’s operations: Philip Morris Industrial, Philip Morris International and Philip …

AddictionSmokeSmokingSwot AnalysisTaxTobacco
Words 1144
Pages 5
Ice Cubes Addiction Simulation

My 48-hour ice cube addiction simulation turned out to be very different than what I had expected. I don’t put ice cubes in my water cup at all. So my ice maker in the freezer is always empty. So I have to keep the ice …

Words 442
Pages 2
Why Smoking Should Be Banned in Public

Smoking should be banned in all public places to protect people from second-hand smoke and stop promoting the visual to minors. The cigarette is a small but deadly habit enjoyed by 45. 3 million Americans. Smoking is illegal inside most public restaurants and buildings as …

Words 995
Pages 4
Alcoholism and Its Effects on the Family

Alcoholism is also known as a family disease. Alcoholics may have young, teenage, or grown-up children; they have wives or husbands; they have brothers or sisters; they have parents or other relatives. An alcoholic can totally disrupt family life and cause harmful effects that can …

Words 89
Pages 1
E-Cigarette shop BUSINESS PLAN

Age Third segmentation is done on the basis of age but we try to target all ages of people whose smoking but mostly will be from the age of 18 to 45, both sexes. Target Marketing Basically same as the above mentioned, age. V-gigs are …

AddictionBusiness PlanShopSmokeSmokingTobacco
Words 1074
Pages 4
Why Cigarette Smoking Should Be Banned

Cigarette smoking should be banned. Cigarette smoking is a dangerous habit that not only affects the user in a negative physical and psychological way but also endangers others around them. Would you play Russian roulette – A deadly game of chance involving a revolver and …

Words 717
Pages 3
Substance Abuse: It’s affect on Individuals, Family, Friends, and Society

The purpose of this essay is to shed light on substance abuse and its effect on individuals, family, friends, and society. This study examined reliable data regarding substance abuse, the effects it has on individuals, families, friends, and society. Included also are the risk and …

AbuseAddictionAlcoholismFriendsMedicineSubstance Abuse
Words 89
Pages 1
Negative Effects of Tv on Family Life

Negative Effects of TV The television has many effects on family life and the individual, causing family bonds to unravel and the individual to become naive of their surroundings. The TV keeps one hooked for hours on end, causing family relationships to diminish and personal …

Words 1123
Pages 5
Windshield Survey

A windshield survey is an assessment and evaluation of a community performed by traveling throughout the community in a car or public transportation to make observations about a community. The data gathered will help identify health care strengths and weaknesses in the specified community. A …

AddictionCommunityDiseaseEssay ExamplesViolence
Words 1359
Pages 5
We Are Becoming Overwhelmingly Dependent on Computers

 It is a fact that our generation is what can be called “The First Computer Dependent Generation”. Computers have become one of the most important and influential luxuries of this generation. Young people use computers every day for school, work, and entertainment. They are the …

Words 813
Pages 3
A Review of Qualitative Research on Teenage Smoking Habits

A Review of Qualitative Research on Teenage Smoking Habits Grand Canyon University: NRS-433V-O103 Introduction to Nursing Research September 20, 2012 Introduction The purpose of this document is to summarize the contents of the research article, explain the research methods implemented, and offer insight on how …

Words 5765
Pages 21
Legalizing Soft Drugs: Why It’s a Bad Idea

Soft drugs should not be legal Drugs have been a problem for the society for a long time and it is still a going subject. Different kinds of organisations work hard to try keeping people from using drugs, however a new problem has occurred. During …

AddictionAlcoholismCrimeEssay ExamplesMedicine
Words 1442
Pages 6
An Invention the World Could Live Without

What invention would the world be better off without, and why? One major substance in the world can change your life forever. The most popular invention that I feel the world can go without is Cocaine. This drug can cause much turmoil in your life. …

Words 468
Pages 2
Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use

Hewlett-Packard| Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use| Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application| | HP| Assignment # 4 | Nichole Hysel| Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use On a cold January afternoon in a small community, a police officer is called to a residence for …

Words 2720
Pages 10
Argument Essay Random Drug Testing

Argument Essay Random Drug Testing Drug abuse has always been a very delicate question as it always it deals with the health, well-being and even lives of human beings belonging to any country. Many people have argued that mandatory drug testing is a violation of …

AddictionAdolescenceDrug TestingJusticeSafety
Words 850
Pages 4
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Addiction is a neuropsychological disorder characterized by persistent use of a drug despite substantial harm and adverse consequences. Repetitive drug use often alters brain function in ways that perpetuate craving and undermine self-control.

Frequently asked questions

What is an addiction in simple words?
An addiction is a compulsive need for a substance or activity, despite the negative consequences it may have on a person's life. Addictions can cause serious problems in a person's life, including financial problems, health problems, and social problems.
What is addiction and its effects?
Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. Despite the involvement of a number of psychosocial factors, a biological process – one which is induced by repeated exposure to an addictive stimulus – is the core pathology that drives the development and maintenance of an addiction.The effects of addiction can be both physical and psychological. Physically, addiction can lead to an increased tolerance for the substance or behavior in question, as well as withdrawal symptoms when use is reduced or stopped. Over time, this can lead to changes in brain structure and function, which can in turn lead to changes in mood and behavior. Psychologically, addiction can lead to feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and engagement in the addictive behavior, despite negative consequences. This can lead to impaired judgment, decision-making, and self-control, which can in turn lead to relationship problems, financial problems, and legal problems.
What causes us to be addicted?
Addiction can be caused by a variety of factors. It is generally agreed that addiction is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.People who have a family history of addiction are more likely to develop an addiction themselves. This may be due to genetic factors, or it may be because they learn addictive behaviours from their family members.Environmental factors that can contribute to addiction include stress, trauma, and exposure to drugs or alcohol at an early age. People who are exposed to drugs or alcohol at a young age are more likely to develop an addiction later in life.
How does an addiction become an addiction?
An addiction can develop from repeated exposure to a substance or activity. With each exposure, the person feels pleasure or relief, and this reinforces the behavior. Over time, the person may need to increase the frequency or amount of the substance or activity to get the same effect, and this can lead to addiction.

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