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Inconsistent attendance of an employee is considered a grave problem to all companies. Although it may be initially regarded as a small deal, an employee who shows up for work late can jeopardize the productivity and morale of the entire company. The problem of late employees can damage the company's business in several ways as it slow down the production, cause legal troubles, or cause dissatisfaction to other employees (At Will, n.d.).

When there was a late employee, our manager usually reacts in a productive manner. The management presented the issue to the late employee in the framework of how it concerns the entire company. The company sees to it that the employee acknowledged his or her behavior. A plan was then developed by the company that emphasizes behavior changes to the said employee.

The specific solutions to the problem that the employee needs to conform was documented by both parties. However, in cases when it becomes clear that an employee is incapable of improving punctuality by reason of personal issues, the case was then forwarded to the human resource department of the company for disciplinary action.

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There are several ways to address the employees tardiness problems in a positive and proactive manner. Like the manager in my previous company, I would deal the problem by creating a work environment where performance and expectations are clearly defined. With this approach, it is expected that employees deviate towards tardiness. As a manager, it is also important to demonstrate behaviors that are being implemented in the company. This would truly supplement good work attitudes to the subordinates.

As a manager, the issues that are negatively affecting the company must be addressed. Although the apprehension of losing a competent worker may be a factor which would prevent in addressing the problem, the tardiness attitude seldom go away, and generally becomes aggravated if no action is accomplish. Thus it is best to confront employees by positively pointing out the impact of being late on the company's capability to succeed.


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