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Administrator for the course or Duty Receptionist, will incur late penalties from the mime the Administrator receives it. Assignments left on the Reception Counter, or slid under the door of the Reception office will also incur penalties from the time and date they are recovered. Note that there is no provision to accept assignments on weekends or public holidays. Penalties for Lateness In fairness to other students, work submitted after any deadline will incur a penalty for lateness.

The penalty is 2 of the marks available (marks available meaner what the assignment is worth I. E. 20% or 20 marks) for an assignment submitted after the due time on the due date for each part day or day late. (for example if an assignment s out of 20 and the assignment receives 50% then one day late meaner the mark will be out of 18 and the student will receive 50% of 18). Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be included when counting the number of days late.

Assignments will automatically fail the Mandatory Course Requirements. Course Outlines provide a signal to students of forthcoming workload, dates of submission etc, and thus student study plans should take account of course requirements across all courses. Consequently, workload issues related to other courses and employment will not be accepted as reason for dispensation from mandatory requirements or waiver of penalties. Extensions to submission deadlines for any assigned work will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

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Students who are unable to comply with any of the mandatory requirements should make a written application for an extension to the due date for submission of assigned work or for waiver of a penalty, in advance. All such applications must be made before the deadline and be accompanied by documentary evidence, egg a medical certificate, or counselor's report clearly stating the degree of impairment, and the dates the illness or event prevented you from undertaking your academic studies. This can be applied retrospectively. Iv) In the event of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances (e. G. Errors illness, family bereavement or other exceptional events), that precludes an application in advance, students should make contact with the Course Coordinator as soon as possible, and make application for waiver of a penalty as soon as practicable. V) Word limits should be adhered to, especially so when they provide a guide to limiting the student's coverage off topic. The penalty will be 10% of the grade for an assignment which is 10% over the word limit. Remarking Every attempt is made to ensure that the marking is consistent across tutors and fair to students. Students may ask for their written work to be remarked.

A different tutor will do the remarking and provide comments. For marks: If the mark differs by 10% or less the two marks are averaged. If it exceeds 10% then it is independently marked by a third marker and the average of the two closest marks is taken. For grades: If the grade differs by one grade then the highest grade is taken. If the grade differs by more than one grade then the assignment is marked by a third marker and the average grade is taken. Experience from previous years is that almost all remarks are within 10% or one grade and where there is a change in mark or grade, half the assignments go up and half go down.

Occasionally there is a significant shift in the mark or grade. Application for remarks must be made within 5 days after the assignments are available. To apply for a remark, complete the request for re- examination of assessed work form stating which sections (criteria listed in the mark sheet) you wish re-examined. Write on why you think the mark does not, in your view, fairly reflect the quality of your work. Hand this with your assignment into the allowing place: Pipette Campus - the Reception Desk on Level 10 Rutherford front cover by the person receiving it. Allow a minimum of 5 days for remarks to be completed.

Use of Turning Student work provided for assessment in this course may be checked for academic integrity by the electronic search engine http://www. Turning. Com. Turning is an on- line plagiarism prevention tool which compares submitted work with a very large database of existing material. At the discretion of the Head of School, handwritten work may be copy-typed by the School and submitted to Turning. A copy of vomited materials will be retained on behalf of the University for detection of future plagiarism, but access to the full text of submissions will not be made available to any other party.

Examinations Students who enroll in courses with examinations are obliged to attend an examination at the University at any time during the formal examination period. The final examination for this course will be scheduled at some time during the following period: Friday 25 October - Saturday 16 November (inclusive) Mandatory Course Requirements In addition to obtaining an overall course mark of 50 or better, students must submit al assignments within specified time period. If you cannot complete an assignment or sit a test or examination, refer to wry. Astoria . AC. NZ/home/study/exams-and-assessments/aggregate Class Representative

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