Impact of 4ps Towards Consumer Behavior on Mobile Phones

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2020
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With the passage of time, advents in technology have given new meanings to almost everything around us. Hence, there’s no permanent in this world except change. This tidal wave of change has surely affect or altered technologies especially in individuals’ modes of communication. These new advances have led to addition of many things which was called as a “revolution”. But what really concerns this study is actually the communicative revolution, wherein back to past times, where in people only used letters as their mode of communications to their love one which’s away from them.

As technologies continue to evolve there came landlines. And now just a blink of an eye, information can now be transmitted through electronic signals and controlled waves present in the air around them. A mobile phone is an electronic device which is used in two way communication. To make use of a mobile phone, connection to a cellular network is required which is an interconnection of base stations through which signals are transmitted, hence the mobile uses those signals to forge and maintain connection. Mobile phones are not used for calls only, especially modern mobile phones.

They offer a wide variety of communicative services such as: text messaging, sending and receiving emails, access to internet, interactive games, connectivity through Bluetooth and/or USB, and many more. Hence, the focus of this study is to discuss how 4p’s elements affect towards consumer behaviour on mobile phones among the college students of The Fisher Valley College in Taguig City. This study is aiming of providing students of insights into the factors that influence the student’s behaviour when it comes to choosing and buying mobile phones, particularly for The Fisher Valley College Students.

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In addition to the mentioned studies in this report, the researchers will also find information’s regarding how to conduct a qualitative and quantitative market research study. The report’s main focus will be on the student’s influences on mobile phones because it is these factors that aid the students in making a rational choice when given several alternatives to choose from. In this case factors influencing students’ behaviour in choosing a mobile phone from the different brands will be considered.

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