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Mobile Phones Have Improved Our Lives in Every Way

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MOBILE PHONES HAVE IMPROVED OUR LIVES IN EVERY WAY We live in the era of smart phones and not that smart people. Are mobile phones really necessary or are they just toys that think instead of us and help us escape from our boring lives? On one hand mobile phones are very beneficial.

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Mobile Phones Have Improved Our Lives in Every Way

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. You can call the emergency if you are stuck in an accident.

In addition, one of the perks is definitely the internet access which you can reach wherever you are. Whether you are waiting for someone to come and are bored, you can listen to music. Nowadays you do not have to carry and agenda with you, because this sophisticated apparatuses remember all the appointments and reminders you might forget. On the other hand, you can easily get distracted by mobile phones, what sometimes can lead to obsessions. Not to mention the radiation and its consequences which cause infertility and many other health risks.

Is it not sad when you meet and old friends of yours for a coffee and you both end up hanging on the mobile phones and become extremely anti-social? All in all, technological phenomenon of modern time are one of the greatest discoveries so far and our lives would never be the same if they did not exist, because they have made our lives easier in every single way. I believe that the benefits of using mobile phones outweigh the disadvantages, but only if the usage is under control

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