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Ryanair was the first budget airline in Europe, modeled after the successful U. S. low cost carrier, Southwest Airlines. Ryanair is one of the oldest and most successful low-cost airlines in Europe, the third largest airline in Europe in terms of number of passenger and the largest in the world in terms of international passengers’ numbers. For this article, I had provided the 4 Ps, which is Product, Price, Place, and Promotion for Ryanair. PRODUCT Ryanair was a brand for the budget airline.

It also can define as a product because when people want to buy the airline ticket in cheaper price, they will automatically think about Ryanair. Transportation is the main product for Ryanair. It provides services of travel from one location to another location with comfortable environment and shortest duration as well. Moreover, passengers feel convenient to make booking through the internet or phone call at any time. Besides, food and beverage is another product of Ryanair.

Ryanair offer the food and beverage to passengers throughout the flight who purchase on board programmed. At the same time, Ryanair also provide the services which are serve food and drinks to passengers or fulfill the passengers’ requirement if available. Ryanair not only offer the transportation and food and service to passengers, it also offer the experience to passengers which is sold the cheaper ticket to passenger to enjoy or getting experience to flight.

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PRICE Ryanair offer the lowest cost of fares than other competitors in aviation industry because Ryanair stand at the position that the price is the key element of its brand and the price is more important than the product itself to the passengers, so within the low price as the long term strategy, Ryanair use different pricing, which means that off- peak travelling and booking in advance can make a ticket cheaper compare with normal day.

In the same time, Ryanair are discriminate massively, safe in the knowledge that nobody can buy up loads of cheap tickets and flog them to people who would otherwise only qualify for the wallet-draining latecomers specials. On the other hand, Ryanair will continue to lower the fares and increase the percentage of seat for which it only charge for taxes and landing fees. For the boarding pass, passengers are required to print out their own boarding pass since the checking in services at the airport has been discontinued.

Therefore, for passengers who arrive at airport without a pre-printed online will have to pay €40 for their boarding pass to be re-issued. The Ryanair has also replaced the free online check- in with a €5 online check- in fee which is charged per person, per flight. PLACE Ryanair emphasize that booking seat is only possible in website or “Ryanair direct” call- centre, no other possibilities are officially offered.

The Ryanair has started the website in the year of 2000, the number of passenger who made online booking had been increased tremendously because of the lower flight prices are selling direct to the passenger and the cost imposed by travel agents are excluding. Besides, the airport also located at strategic place where passengers’ can take the transport from town area to airport directly which included coach, limousine and etc. PROMOTION The advertising that is made by Ryanair about charging passengers ? to use the toilet on their flights is actually to gain the media and public attention. Ryanair often use their advertising to make direct comparison and attack their competitor by comparing price. In one case, the Sabena sued the Ryanair because one of the advertisement that advertise by Ryanair are misleading and offensive, so that, the Ryanair was discontinued the advertisement and also publish the apology on their website. In the same time, Ryanair used the apologized for futher advertising to gain people attention.

Because of this case, through the website, more and more people know Ryanair and Ryanair had come out more and more promotion to attract people, such as ? 8 seats for travel during September and October, including some taxes and charges. It is very worth for passengers because the price is very cheaper. Besides that, through the seasonality, Ryanair running a promotion which is current 30% off fares UK promotion runs from 22 – 25 January 2010 for flights departing from 5 February – 25 March 2010 to certain country.

This message had been updated or post in the Ryanair website and it also become a headline of the newspaper. The passengers who want to make a book have to book at least 14 days in advance via Ryanair website or by phone call. At the same time, in order to pay the lowest quoted fare, the passengers need to pay by master card or prepaid debit card to avoid the ? 5 per person per flight admin fee, and the passengers can take one piece of hand luggage which lowers than 7 Kg.

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