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I’m More Than My Surname: Shashwat Goenka

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Even as a kid whenever Shashwat used to go shopping, he was never interested in buying things, he was keen to know why shoppers shop the way they shop. Even as a grownup he had more affinity towards consumer facing companies. 

After finishing his graduation from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, working with KPMG and Nestle, Shashwat joined the family business in 2012 working across various group companies.

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I’m More Than My Surname: Shashwat Goenka

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. Right now it is -1.2 to 2 crore a month. However, Shashwat still doesn’t consider it an achievement. On when he will count it as a major change, Shashwat says, “Last year in May we broke even just for a month. But it has not been consistent. Retail is a very low-margin business. In a year it will break even. Next year we expect it to be running profitably.” Currently, Spencer’s has 120 stores out of which 37 are hypermarkets and the rest are convenience stores. 

Though spread across the country Spencer’s dominates in North, East and South India

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