How Does Jesus Show People Are More Important Than Law

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'How does Jesus show people are more important than the law? Do you agree? Explain why or why not. ' Jesus suggests that people are more important than the law through many of his actions and the things he preached, that went against or undermined the strict Laws the J swish society he was born into held to. Many of these actions and the things he said could be interpreted to mean that Jesus did not think these laws were not applicable in some circus dances anymore and so needn't be obeyed, resulting in him proportioning people, and more imp ardently, love, over some of the laws.

Jesus first specifies that people have priority over law in Mark 2:2328, where h e states in particular Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. % This s suggests that he was challenging the 'relinquishing society that the Pharisees had created, where it was no longer about keeping the laws to honor God and for the benefit of man, but instead about abiding to the laws and being punished if you didn't. In stating this, Jesus is e emphasizing this and suggesting that the laws were not the most important thing and mercy o n the people was more important if the laws were not kept than punishment.

This idea is again submitted in John 8:1 1 1, where instead of punishing the adulterous woman, Jesus grants m Eric on her and instead says 'Now go and leave your life of sin. ' This again implies people are more important than upholding the law, although it is obvious that each scenario is different and must be handled accordingly. Instead of emphasizing law as the most important thing, Jesus instead introduce sec Love as the most important commandment over keeping the law. This is made apparent I n Mark 12:2831, when Jesus stated the most important commandment is 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, ... LU, ... Mind and ... Strength' and the second being 'Love your neighbor our as yourself. ' Jesus goes on in Luke 10:2537 to specify that being someone's 'neighbor' is h avian 'mercy' on others, shown in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Within this parable, J sees also depicts the 'neighbor' as being an "enemy" of the injured man who broke the Jewish law by touching someone unclean (even though he himself was a Gentile so this din 't apply to him but applied to the injured man, whom his own society would have rejected), b UT was identified as doing the right thing even by the Jews listening to the story.

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Jesus is therefore emphasizing the value of humans over upholding the law, stemming from cacti Eng out of love for them. Jesus also impressed upon the disciples this concept of the laws no longer en ding to be "forced" upon people and therefore everything being allowed, but the laws ha vying our best interests in mind so keeping them should be for our benefit , and not for the sake of keeping them. This is echoed by Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:12 when he states "everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial. ".

This shows humans as now, through Jesus, being et free from the laws, but also states that the laws were originally put in place e for our benefit and protection, thereby suggesting the most logical thing to do would be to u uphold them, but 18/11/14 By Amelia Parkinson Ethics Prep Questions just no longer having to strictly abide by them for the sake of doing so, and m meaning the old laws can now be broken if it is the most loving action to do. Personally, agree with the approach Jesus has to the laws, and think that Poe peel should take priority over abiding by the laws.

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