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A musician is an individual who writes down or conducts music as an occupation. In addiction, a musician can be described as an artist who plays a musical tool as a vocation. Musicians can be categorized through their functions during performing or producing music.

For instance, a singer or a vocalist makes use of her/his own voice as a tool, an instrumentalist occupies himself/herself with a musical tool, a recording musician produces a documented music, like MP3 folders and CDs, a conductor guides a musical group while a songwriter, composer and an arranger produces songs, melodic pieces of music as well as arrangements which are able to be transcribed into music notation, documented or performed. (Pitts 19)

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In ancient time, being a musician was assigned to individuals who learned music for a number of years. Once they had perfected their tool, supposition as well as comprehended the music notions, they would labor through commission as musicians.

For instance, within Western music this would be accomplished through working for places of worship, courts as well as off a commission from individuals who desired to hire a musician to produce or for concert. Starting the mid 1800s, the thought of being a musician was not focused to these specific regions of composition and presentation.

Musicians started to grow to be more self-reliant with concerts on diverse stages as well as more independence to work as writers, artists as well as entertainers in their own manner. Nowadays, music has developed into numerous vocation fields, all of which include an amalgamation of compositions, concerts, working and recording in diverse music areas, either via other units or as an autonomous artist.

For this to be achieved in today’s time, the musician has to be passionate. The following description shows what it means to be passionately engrossed in something, activity of a musician as well as how a musician is different from somebody who simply enjoys listening to music. (Pitts 20)

Musicians require to have the drive and passion to devote a large fraction of their lives to doing practice, taking part in shows as well as doing promotions. A musician’s passion is his/her music. It takes an individual endurance, talent as well as practice to become passionately involved in music.

A musician differs from a person who merely listens to music in that a musician has a passion for his music, is dedicated and knows the message he wants to sent to his/her audience whereas the listener does not have such dedication not to forget that most listeners simply listen to the music without familiarizing themselves with the composer’s message. Essentially, most listeners simply enjoy the beats/tunes whereas the musician enjoys both the tunes as well as his /her choice of words. (Pitts 34)

Being a musician takes more than just enthusiasm and beginning to play an instrument. Being acquainted with what is entailed to turn out to be a competent musician can aid an individual to work in this profession as a complete vocation, whilst letting an individual to move toward being a musician in the right manner.

An individual who has the musical abilities essential to play one or more tools might have the yearning to grow to be a professional musician or toil within an associated field. The following are the activities professional musician engages in an effort to achieve his /her objective and as a result make a contented living. (Pitts 34)

One of the most vital issues to think about when going into whichever musical field is for the musician to find out if there is a necessity for the service that he is offering. Whatever the musician tries has to be profitable in order to make earnings. The musician performs by offering entertainment, and is given cash in exchange for his/her services. He/she turns out to be successful through performing regulary. (Pitts 62)

The musician’s market comprises a grouping of citizens, or organization that needs the particular service i.e. music. Therefore, one of the activities of the musician is to market that product i.e. his music by merely getting it ready and making it accessible to the customer.

For instance, a rock and roll association requires rock gangs whereas a Las Vegas band requires members who produce to have style. Essentially, the musician should be determined to accomplish what it takes to entertain his customer’s and be a success.

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