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Suitable PEP and breathing equipment provided Emergency
escue arrangement Monitoring systemsupervision with adequate communication. C) outline the emergency arrangements that might be required for entry Into a confined space. First Aid must be available Emergency telephone numbers must be available. A helping hand or supervisor must be present. A rescue plan must be available. Extra breathing apparatuses must be available. Safe and quick asses to the entrance and exit areas. Section 2 1. Identify documentation that is likely to be inspected in a health and safety audit. Health and safety policy Risk assessments Training records

Maintenance records Inspections and audit reports Complaints from employees Accident and investigation reports Safe systems of work and procedures. 2. A) Outline the main health and safety responsibilities of an employer. Provide a safe work place Provide safe plant and equipment Provide safe systems of work Provide adequate training and supervision Provide competent fellow employees Set up emergency plans and prevent or Identify risks B) Identify actions an enforcement authority might take if it finds that an employer is not fulfilling their responsibilities. Time. Prosecution, fines and prison sentences can result due to non compliance. Outline reasons why an organization should review its health and safety performance. To deter main if the health and safety plans are appropriate. To deter main if the objectives and targets are met and practical. To check if adequate risk control is in place and to revise it. To provide information on the progress and current status of the strategies, processes and activities used to control risks. 4. A manager is required to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment on a work activity. A) Identify possible sources of information that might help the manager carry out the risk assessment.

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He could get information from external health and safety consultants, occupational hygienist or ergonomics, a health and safety practitioner, workers and a safety representative. B) Outline what is required in order for a risk assessment to be suitable and sufficient. Identify the significant risks, allow the employer to identify and prioritize control measures, identify those who might be affected by the risks and identify a time period during which it is likely to remain valid. 5. Identify possible costs to an organization following an accident in the workplace. Lost Production time Additional labor recruitment

Loss of morale and reputation Loss of experience Investigation time Fines Legal costs Increased insurance 6. A) Injury: Injury is the outcome of an incident that resulted in harm. Example: A worker cut his hand on re-bar while busy pouring concrete in an abutment. B) Ill Health: This is an illness that has developed due to exposure of something in the workplace. Example: Asbestosis, a disease that developed due to inhalation of asbestos fibers. C) Dangerous Occurrence: Also known as a near miss, is an unplanned event, which under slightly different circumstances, could have resulted in harm to a person or damage to property.

Example: A brick falling from a scaffold, missing everyone beneath and hitting the floor. D) Damage Only: This event is when there is no one injured, but there is damage to a building, plant, equipment or materials. Example: Crane truck lifting a concrete slab, it sways in the wind and hits the side off building. 7. Identify key areas that should be addressed in the arrangements section of a health and safety policy. Risk assessment Health and safety training Contractor selection and management Communication and consultation with employees Safe systems of work and permits to work Disciplinary procedures for non-conformance.

Emergency procedures Accident reporting and investigation First aid 8. A) Outline the health and safety duties of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of articles and substances. Any articles or substances must be designed and constructed to be safe and without risk as far as reasonably practical, include testing and examination. There must be sufficient information supplied to the end user to ensure that the nature of the substance or article can be understood and that any conditions for safe use can be described. B) If those in the supply chain fail to carry out their duties, outline health and safety consequences in the workplace.

Los in production due to the difficult nature of understanding the article or substance. Increased risk factor on site, if using unsafe articles or substances. Increase in injuries or accident on site, due to increase of risk. 9. A) Give the meaning of the term "Safe system of work" It is a formal procedure, which results from a systematic examination of a task, in order to identify all the hazards. It defines safe methods, to ensure that all hazards are eliminated or risks minimized. B) Outline what is meant by the following types of controls within a safe system of work and give a practical example of each: I.

Technical: This focuses on what mechanical intervention can be brought up in the workplace to minimize the risk. Example: Replacing an old machine with a new one, or placing guards on machinery to reduce the risk. It. ) Behavioral: This focuses on the operatives and how the human failure might affect expected outcomes of hazards or risks. Example: Selecting skilled personnel for the Job or supervision. Iii. ) Procedural: It uses instructions, information and training to reduce risks. Example: Permits to work and safe system of work. 1 1 . ) An employer is setting up a health and safety training program.

A) Identify the infinite to... I) The employer: Fewer injuries would occur in the workplace, and there would be an increase in morale and safety awareness. More competent workforce. It) The worker: Better understanding of the different risks on site and how to avoid them. Workers made aware of the importance of PEP will wear it more often and look after their equipment. B) Identify when health and safety training would be provided to workers. This would be done preferably at the beginning of the project or activity so that workers are done as soon as possible with workers before commencement of any activities where possible.

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