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Infinet is a company that has been providing networking and data communications solutions for companies since 1994. Infinet has throughout the years stayed on top of current networking trends and technologies to ensure reliability and extensive network lifetimes for Infinet’s customers. Our clients range all across the southern and southwestern states of the U. S. Infinet’s mission to its customers is to provide them a network resolution that suits their needs and budget with the highest reliability that current technology can offer.

Infinet has many different teams working within the company to maintain positive relations and to provide the highest level of customer service. Technical Support – Infinet offers its clients technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical support is available to help troubleshoot with clients to attempt to reach a resolution as soon as possible. Sales Team – Infinet’s sales representatives work with our potential customers to determine the customer’s needs and forward the information they gather to Infinet’s design team.

Design Team – The design team at Infinet is primarily responsible for the development of a project plan, diagrams, and the implementation of the project plan. The design team is then responsible for the presentation of their proposal to the client in a way that is easy for the client to understand. Networking Team – Once a deal has been made with a client the project is then handed to the networking team. The networking team at Infinet is responsible for the installation of all hardware, software, cabling, and any other type of device to be installed.

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The networking staff at Infinet is the most crucial part of Infinet. Training for client employees is also provided by the networking team. TTI’s Proposal The following is a list of TTI’s major needs as stated in our documentation that Infinet received.

Network Design

  • TTI must stay within the regulations regarding network design to remain in compliance with various regulations.
  • The network must be separated into two networks, Curriculum and Administrator, and not allow access from the Curriculum Network to any computers or servers on the Administrator network. A maximum of 200 workstations will be deployed at each campus for the Curriculum network and a maximum of 50 computers for the Administration network.
  • The network must facilitate 100x growth in LAN throughput, 2x growth in WAN throughput, and a 10x growth in the main campus internet connection. It must also remain functional for a minimum of 5 years.
  • The four new schools must connect via the ISP’s internal network into a central device at headquarters and forward any internet requests through the headquarters’ internet connection.
  • Each campus will have a MDF room where data will be sent and forwarded as needed.

The Houston West campus will include an MDF as well as an IDF on the second floor to forward data to the MDF.

Each school has four labs that require 31 connections. There needs to be 3 runs of cabling to the 30 computers on the Curriculum network and 1 run of cable to terminate at the instructor’s computer on the Administrator network.

All computers on the Administration network will have their ip addresses set statically and all computers on the Curriculum network will obtain their ip addresses automatically from a DHCP server. DHCP Server

Each campus will have a DHCP server to hand out ip addresses to nodes on the Curriculum network.

DNS and E-Mail

  • DNS and e-mail servers will be implemented in a hierarchical manner with all services located on the master server at the main campus.
  • All DNS and e-mail servers will be capable to communicate with each other in the event that the master server becomes unavailable. Administrative Server
  • TTI will need to have an Administration server at each school site to interface with the DBMS at headquarters for student tracking, grades, attendance, and other functions
  • The Administration server must not be accessible by any students or the Curriculum network. Web Server TTI will need a web server to host its virtual library which will house an online library for curricular research and give students access to several online databases.

Application Server

All computer applications will be housed on a server at each school location to provide the IT staff with an easy solution to upgrading applications.

FTP Server

An FTP server will be setup to provide TTI staff with a quick way to recover missing or corrupt files. Executive Summary Infinet has recently received a request from TTI to implement a network plan to meet the addition of four new campuses within the state of Texas.

We believe that we have come up with the most reliable and secure plan to meet your needs at a reasonably low price. In our plan we have included many options to provide TTI with our personal recommendations as well as options lower in cost to suit TTI’s financial obligations. Infinet will take on all responsibility of hardware and software installations as well as an effective training plan to give the IT staff at TTI the tools they need to monitor and maintain their network. Assumptions and Constraints The following list is a few assumptions that Infinet has made based the information TTI has presented. TTI has already laid down the cabling or has done so with the construction of the building. TTI will remain responsible for any physical security of network components and servers. Proper cooling will be available in the MDF and IDF rooms. TTI is needs new workstations to be purchased and installed. If we are wrong with any of our assumptions we have made a few possible solutions. •Infinet has the staff and resources to lay down any cabling if need be. •Infinet has included the option to omit any costs for new workstations if TTI has no desire to upgrade their current workstations.

Deliverables Based upon the previous information, Infinet has come up with what we plan to bring to the table. Infinet will propose hardware and costs with several options for TTI to better suit their budget and needs. Infinet will provide a project schedule and implementation timeline to clarify each phase of the project. Infinet will identify the network topology and layout. Our main highlights will include the following. o4 T1 data lines for point-to-point connectivity and 1 T1-speed data frame relay to connect all sites to the Internet. Fiber optic-multi mode backbone. oSegment LAN at each site into two networks, administrator and curriculum. oSuccessful network connectivity with campuses to the main campus as well as Internet connectivity. oEstablishment of MDF’s at each location as well as an IDF at the Houston location on the second floor. oImplementation of an IP subnet capable to meet current needs and to facilitate growth. oDHCP configuration with student network and static IP addresses assigned to the administrator network. oInstallation of DHCP, DNS, and Application servers at each site.

Each location will have a separate Administration server that will directly communicate with the DBMS at the main campus. oThe main campus will include the main DNS server, DNS, IIS, Active Directory, Exchange, Web, Application, and FTP servers. •Infinet will provide a comprehensive backup solution for data and power. Infinet will ensure security to the Administration LAN as well as a firewall to deny access from any device outside the TTI network. Infinet will present a training plan for the IT support staff for TTI to give them the necessary knowledge and tools to monitor and maintain the network. Infinet will have a prototype for display to demonstrate our ability to effectively separate the Curriculum and Administration networks. Project Plan Implementation and Timeline There are going to be 7 major steps to complete the project.

Inspect locations Verify the current setup and identify the requirements that TTI needs to accomplish before installation takes place. Also to identify the location of the new hardware and verify what is needed. Jason: Dallas, Scott: Houston, Troy: San Antonio, Tyson: Austin An estimated 4. 5 days will be needed to complete the inspection of all sites.

Purchasing and Delivery

  1. All hardware that has been deemed necessary will be ordered and delivered to each site. During this time, Technician’s will be coordinated at each site to prepare for hardware installation. An estimated 18. 5 days will be needed to complete purchasing and delivery of all sites.
  2. Hardware Installation All hardware will be installed and setup at each location. This includes all Workstations, Servers, Networking Equipment and Cabling. An estimated 11. 5 days will be needed to complete hardware installation of all sites.
  3. Software Installation All software and server services will be setup and implemented at all locations.

Routers, switches and firewalls will be configured and optimized for network communication between sites. Workstations will be setup with their appropriate network configuration. An estimated 4. 5 days will be needed to complete software installation of all sites. Finish Installation and Network Testing All hardware and software installation will be finished and network setup will be verified and tested for problems. Security policies and double firewall will be tested for weaknesses from outside Internet connectivity. Backup solution will be tested and verified with a complete disaster recovery plan.

An estimated 11. 5 days will be needed to complete the finish Installation and network-testing phase of all sites. 6. Training Training for the TTI administration and IT staff, so that they will be fully capable of maintaining and monitoring the network using SNMP standards. An estimated 5 days training will be needed for training. Support Period: 10 day on call support. Any problems detected during this 10 day period will be corrected by Infinet. Project Details Network Topology TTI Network Overview All campuses will be connected through the ISP’s internal network.

Internet access from the campuses will be forwarded to the Houston Headquarters and then out to the internet through Houston’s T3 or Frame Relay connection. Houston Headquarters Campus The Houston Main Campus will house the main DBMS server and the master backup server. The application, main DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory servers will also be located in the MDF. Each of the other four campuses’ internet connections will be forwarded to the Houston campus’ router, Cisco 7204 VXR, which will then forward internet connectivity through the Houston campus’ T3 or ISDN connection.

The T3 or ISDN connection will be guarded by a PIX515e firewall that will block all incoming requests except those for web and e-mail traffic. Houston West Campus The Houston West campus has the same setup as the other campuses, minus Houston Headquarters, except that cable runs will come from the MDF to a switch on the second floor that computers on that floor will connect to. It hosts local DNS, E-Mail, DHCP, and application servers as well. Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin Campuses These campuses will host local DNS, DHCP, application, E-Mail, and FTP servers and have T1 connections.

Project Details IP Schema The IP addressing scheme we chose is designed to make administering the network easier. Each IP address will allow TTI’s IT staff to identify if it belongs on the student or administrator network and what its physical campus location is. The chart below provides the details.

Project Details Security Security planning for the internal and external TTI network should be as follows. •A nominal amount of training with the staff will have to be done with regards to physical and logical security. •Logical security should be setup using the firewall for external use and ACL’s, managed switches, and password security for internal security. •Using monitoring programs to the benefit of the school and to see where problems may rise. •Monitoring tools for service availability and bandwidth management. oNagios oMRTG oEmail Notification

Active Directory Structure TTI. EDU Training and Maintenance Plan Once the project has been completed, Infinet will begin the training of Network and System Administrator personnel at each TTI location. The training will be for the length of 5 days from 8 A. M to 12 P. M. and 1 P. M. to 5 P. M. for a total of 40 hours. Each site will be trained simultaneously from Infinet’s design team. TTI’s IT staff will be trained on the router and switch configurations, IP addressing schemes, all servers and their configurations, troubleshooting techniques, and client node configurations.

TTI will also be provided with contact information regarding their WAN connections. Once training has been completed a support period will begin. This support period will last for 10 business days, Monday through Friday. During this period TTI will be responsible for “digging” into their network to find any bugs or potential problems. Upon the discovery of any problem TTI can contact Infinet’s customer support to work out a resolution. All warranty information on hardware will be held by Infinet until the expiration of the support period at which time TTI will be solely responsible.

One item to keep in mind is that although we will discontinue responsibility after the support period, Infinet is always willing to listen to clients’ problems and give suggestions to help the client reach a solution. Risk Analysis The following table addresses particular events that may delay the completion of the project. RiskImpactProbabilityResponse Late arrival of connectivity equipmentLHPush all servers to a “plug-n-play” state to minimize schedule interference. Cable interferenceHMLocate the source of interference and terminate it or insulate the cabling.

Damaged server or wrong server hardwareMMSend equipment back and obtain new equipment Late arrival of serversMMSend equipment back and obtain new equipment ISP problemsMMDepending on response time of ISP, possibly find a new ISP. VPN connectivity problemsMMDiagnose the source and implement solution. Natural disasterHLResolution depends on the effects of the disaster. Sudden increase in the pricing of resourcesMLConsult with TTI. Perhaps find an alternative solution in the case of drastic changes. Poor attendance during training phaseMLHold multiple sessions or commute to certain locations for additional training if necessary.

Complications when migrating existing dataMLPerform any conversions or third party support. SQL connectivity problemsMLDiagnose the source and implement solution. Wrong equipment or damaged equipmentLMSend equipment back and obtain new equipment Backup Strategy Hardware: The Houston campus will house the main backup server. The type of device will be either Dell PowerVault 110T LTO-2-L, a tape drive solution, or Iomega StorCenter Pro 200d, a device that uses random access rather than sequential. The choice of device will be up to TTI. Each campus except for headquarters will use Bytecc 40GB 3. 5" LANDisk NAS for data backups.

This networked attached storage device utilizes a 100-BaseTX networking interface and a Western Digital 40GB hard drive. Each campus will have a UPS system. The device we have selected, APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA, has an internal alarm, hot swappable batteries, connects via USB or serial, a 110 minute blackout run time, and a $150,000 lifetime equipment protection plan. Strategy: The main campus’ backup device will run a routine scheduled backup nightly that will pull the data from each individual NAS drive. Along with this data, it will backup Active Directory and the Microsoft Exchange email databases.

These are items that we have deemed required for backup and any remaining items are to be discussed and implemented into the daily backup schedule. The latest copy of the data will be taken home by the administrator each day so that there is always an off-site duplicate of the backup. Cost Analysis Infinet has worked hard to make an effective solution for TTI. One difference that you will find with our company is that we prefer to provide our clients with options. In our costs proposal we have given TTI options such as the client workstations, backup solutions, and WAN connections.

Each option has been analyzed and determined to fit TTI’s needs within the RFP we received. Infinet bids a range of $1,769,487. 96 to $2,425,751. 26 to give TTI the option to weigh their cost versus their needs. Infinet cannot determine what will be the best solution for TTI as it is TTI itself that knows what is best. If TTI has any suggestions regarding hardware, software, or WAN connections Infinet will be readily available to share ideas and work firmly to meet TTI’s demands as a customer.

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