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Documentation for human resource professionals

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Documentation for human resource professionals to manage substance abuse counselors

Executive summary

            Human resource management is very vital for any organizations in ensuring that an organization meets its goals and objectives. For human resource managers to be successful in carrying out this task, it is essential to have human management plans and other job aids for the different job posts. Having such plans would aid during job analysis, recruitment process and orientation and training process. By having a human management plan, managers are able to make sure that human resource management is contributing to the overall mission and also defines accountability of the managers and the employees. Substance abuse counselor’s position is a sensitive post which requires specialized persons. To ensure that the right individual is hired for the job, it is vital for the human resource manager to conduct a thorough recruitment.

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Job analysis for a substance abuse counselor position

The duties of substance abuse counselor are to handle all case relating to substance abuse in the organization. The counselor is also responsible for making recommendations to the management on the best alternative method to use to cub substance abuse. Other duties of the counselor are helping individuals involved in substance abuse recover from the effects. The requirements for this position include prior experience on substance abuse, post graduate degree in a related field and proven interpersonal skills. The counselor would report directly to the branch human resource manager of the organization (Clifford, 1994).

Selection tips for the position

            The first phase of selection process involves filling of structured questionnaires by the interviews. These questionnaires are used to solicit information on the candidate’s personal attributes and also to estimate whether the candidates meets the above job specifications. The best candidates are selected. Interviewing the selected candidates should then be carried out to help the selection team assess the candidate’s suitability for the position. Patterned interviews should be carried out to allow the interviewers come up with the best candidate. Use of behavior based interviews which should focus on related experiences. Ask achievement based questions rather than theoretical questions. Treat all candidates equally during the entire interview process (HRPA, 2008).

Orienting new employees

            The organization should use the first 15 to 30 days to orient new employees. Decision on who is to orient the new employee should be made prior to the employee’s first day at work. The person in charge of orientation should help the new substance abuse counselor get a good start by first introducing him or her to the whole organization. This should be followed by an organizational tour which should have short stoppages at various departments to allow for interaction. The new employee should be shown all the job requirements tools and also the social situation or group where he will be working in. the managers should also encourage other employees to accept the new counselor and also introduce him or her to the informal interaction structures within the organization. The new counselor should also be allowed to ask for clarity as this quickens acceptance (Erven, n. d).

Training proposal

            Since substance abuse counselor’s position is a sensitive docket, such an employee requires regular training on human relations as well as psychological issues facing people. Substances being abused are also changing with time thus calling for an up to date record and know how to deal with such cases. Training should be carried out after every six months. The substance abuse counselor should also be allowed to hold seminars to educate persons on substance abuse issues. This is vital in ensuring his acceptance and also in educating other employees.


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