How Businesses Can Benefit from Pr Newswire?

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PR Newswire is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, public affairs and investor relations session makers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. PR Newswire pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 56 years ago and today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimism and target content - from rich media to online video to multimedia - and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels.

PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia- Pacific region. It has a global client base of 40,000 companies, organizations and government agencies, including over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies. PR Newswire Asia will send clients' press releases to hundreds of thousands of media points in 170 countries in 40 languages, as well as to investors worldwide, helping companies generate exposure, build brand awareness and attract potential clients, business partners and investors.

It simultaneously delivers every story to the "disclosure" media designated by NYSE, AMES, NASDAQ and ELSE, including DOD Jones, Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily and others. Q: Can you explain how PR Newswire helps the client's message reach Asia? A:Asia is home to more than four billion consumers and spending is on the rise. Launching a product or service in Asia - or marketing the products and services you've launched - demands more than Just editorial publicity.

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Getting media exposure in Asia is a matter of relationships. PR Newswire has partnerships with Kyoto News Agency, Australian Associated Press, Hannah News Agency, Press Trust of India, Zinnia News Agency, New Zealand Press Association, VERBENA and many others. It has exclusive relations with all 13 national news agencies in Asia and reaches over 3,000 media in China, representing over 8,000 Journalists. You can decide which regions of Asia you want to reach, such as China only, all nations, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore or some other combination.

You can mix Asia distributions Walt toner parts AT ten world, sun as trace m a n Latin America plus online m Ella in Europe or any other combination. Q: Can you explain how the PR Newswire helps reach Europe? A: Of the top 20 wealthiest countries in the world, 16 are in Europe. With 25 different countries, histories, cultures and languages across this diverse continent, reaching consumers there demands strategic guidance from experts who understand the local market dynamics. PR Newswire has established offices in key European markets to expose your brand to audiences there.

PR Newswire staff, some of whom are former journalists, speak 10 languages, including Dutch, Russian, German, French, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. That translates to global media relations programs that help organizations connect the European continental dots, whether that's overseas or Just across the border. PR Newswire introduces corporate stories to its exclusive press partners in Europe, newsletters/dip, NAP, Donors and ATARI- TATS. Q: Can you explain how the PR Newswire helps reach the United States?

A: When you need to reach media and opinion leaders in the US, you need PR Newswire. Whether you want to reach mainstream media in the US, disclosure media, special interest, multicultural, or public interest audiences, or you have a story that is timeless PR Newswire has the newswire that's right for you. Q: Can you explain how the PR Newswire helps reach Canada? A: The Canadian media opens the door to 33 million consumers. PR Newswire opens the door to the Canadian media through a partnership with CNN Group (CNN).

CNN handles about 70 percent of all news releases issued in Canada, including releases or all major Canadian banks, telecommunications providers and airlines, the entire Canadian auto manufacturing industry and the most significant players in Canada's oil and gas industry. Q: Can you explain how the PR Newswire helps reach the Middle East and Africa? A: Consumer spending in the Middle East and Africa is still growing and international public relations efforts there are growing along with it.

Successful PR in these markets demands a culture-centered approach that differs from tactics in the Western world. PR Newswire Middle East and Africa distributions offer access to key mineral and trade media across this wide spectrum of nations. PR Newswire combination of distributions through prominent news agency partners such as Meme East News Agency, PANDERERS Ana south Attract Press Escalation, as well as PR Newswire own regional distributions give its clients that meets their communications needs in these growing markets.

Q: Can you explain how the PR Newswire helps reach Latin America? A: PR Newswire serves as your corporate news bureau to these Spanish and Portuguese-speaking nations that boast a population of about 550 million. PR Newswire international press release distributions to Latin American countries help you to win the attention of news media - and consumers - across these diverse markets. You can distribute your press release to premium Latin America media outlets. No other communications solution offers a deeper distribution in Latin America.

PR Newswire partnerships with Noontime, O Glob, CAM Brasilia, Diary y Noticing and others mean your release is getting maximum exposure in every Latin American country. You can get complimentary translations in Spanish and Portuguese with every release. Q: Can you explain PR Newswire multimedia news releases? A: Only 13 per cent of Americans get their news from traditional newspapers and magazines, according to a Goby poll. That compares to 40 per cent who turn to the internet and 32 per cent who watch news on TV.

The growth of video on newspaper websites is explosive and the viral effect is well documented. Many of today's news consumers, editors, Journalists, analysts and investors want more than text-only press releases. They want to engage with multimedia content anywhere at any time. They want a one-stop-shop where they can read information, watch video, download gig-resolution photos and get background information on your organization through accompanying links to product information, web pages and photo galleries. The message is clear, 'multimedia public relations is not Just the wave of the future.

It's the reality of today. ' Multi, PR Newswire multimedia and broadcast services division, offers a suite of audio, video and multimedia production, broadcasting and distribution services that bring new life to your communications. You can customize distribution of footage to video portals that reach more than 30 million viewers, including Youth, Yahoo Video, Blinks and AOL Video. You can broadcast on networks that target news and information consumers, including SYNC, CNN, MASC., Bloomberg, FOX News, Discovery Times and National Geographic.

Q: How will facilities and features of PR Newswire help Sir Lankan clients? A: PR Newswire can help key Sir Lankan industries and sectors reach out regionally and globally in many ways. Sir Lankan can attract potential investors to invest in listed Sir Lankan companies. There is a new resolution that institutions incorporated outside sir Lankan Ana Monolinguals resident outside sir Lankan Inclusive AT sir Lankan students outside Sir Lankan are permitted to buy and/or sell shares in a listed company of Colombo Stock Exchange up to 100% of the issued capital of such company.

This new trend could be spread globally using PR Newswire to reach international investors. Tourist arrivals are picking up. For the last nine months ended in September 2010, tourist arrivals are up almost 50 per cent year-on-year. Tourism earnings too have kept pace with a 69 per cent growth according to reliable sources. It is expected that 15 per cent of the total population in the country will depend on tourism by 2016. Plans are being drawn to create 36,000 additional rooms by 2016 with a total investment of IIS$ 3,000 million.

India, I-J, Germany, the Middle East, the Maldives, France, Australia, Canada, USA and the Netherlands were the top 10 tourist generating countries to Sir Lankan during the period January to August 2010. These countries accounted for 72. 95 per cent of total tourist arrivals to the country during the period. PR Newswire has strong rapport with the news agencies of these countries. By utilizing PR Newswire, Sir Lankan hotels, resorts and other entertainment establishments can access more potential tourists from these Mounties.

Sir Lankan has 'great locations for filming,' says The Location Guide. The latest edition in 2011 has a separate focus on Sir Lankan, showing the island's natural beauty and its reasonable production costs. Sir Lankan has an impressive history of filming. It was the setting for such movies as 'Bridge on the River Kiwi,' 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,' 'Jungle Book and 'Tarzan the Ape Man'. By utilizing PR Newswire services, Sir Lankan can reach filmmakers around the world to capitalist its beautiful and awesome wildlife parks, tea plantations and miles long pristine beaches.

Q: How can Salvaging Consultants make a difference and what has your contribution been in the past? A: Salvaging Consultants is a network of consultants around the world from variety of fields and industries and connected independently. There are venture capitalists, film makers, automotive industry professionals, IT specialists and financiers from different parts of the world in our network to share their expertise. We maintain good rapport with Asian Film Location Services, which is led by veteran film maker Chandler Rattan, to support clients on commercial and feature film production.

Salvaging Consultants could be credited for an upcoming American film which is going to be filmed in Sir Lankan with the co-production of Asian Film Location Services. We are currently involved consulting for a major environmental institution in India, a subsidized housing project in San Francisco and an international sports event in Sir Lankan on regional and global level. I authored a book which was published in USA couple of years ago and utilities PR Newswire to issues the book release. The book release was republished by Reuters, Forbes, Yahoo - Finance, AOL, Los Angles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and other media.

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