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Essay on Television Broadcast News

In today’s journalistic world it is sometimes difficult to decipher between news broadcasts rendered as credible information as opposed to merely entertainment. It is safe to say that the media does have a responsibility in reporting the news truthfully and with honesty. As we begin …

Words 87
Pages 1
The Relationship Between Journalism and Public Relations

The relationship between journalism and public relations has been described as tumultuous. Hitchcock (2012) says there is a shifting dynamic between the two and has found that journalists are starting to become more and more reliant on public relations ‘(PR)’, while Jackson (2009) says that …

JournalJournalismPublic Relations
Words 1826
Pages 7
News Media and Nonmarket Issues

News media and marketed issues The news media is.. The “fourth branch” of government (Thomas Carlyle) In the American political system, the fourth branch of government refers to a group that influences the three branches of governance defined in the American Constitution (legislative, Judicial and …

Words 414
Pages 2
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Analyse how information is presented in Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspapers

This essay will discuss in depth, the techniques both Tabloids and Broadsheets employ to present the information in their respective newspapers. The definition of a Tabloid is a small sized paper with many pictures, whilst a Broadsheet is generally a larger sized paper with a …

Words 2737
Pages 10
Media Commercialization

Commercialization of Indian media The media industry across the globe has witnessed spectacular changes in the recent years. There has been a considerable change in the perception of media in the olden times, as revolutionary instruments and powerful political players. Today, the media is perceived …

Words 1882
Pages 7
Journalists Code of Ethics

I shall scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis. I recognize the duty to air the other side and the duty to correct substantive errors promptly. I shall not …

Code of EthicsIntegrityJournalJournalismNewsNewspaper
Words 2419
Pages 9
Functions of Mass Communication

Wright (1960) characterizes seven functions of mass communication that offer insight into its role in our lives. Surveillance The first function of mass communication is to serve as the eyes and ears for those of us seeking information about our world. When we want to …

JournalismMass CommunicationNews
Words 934
Pages 4
Girl in the Window Analysis Paper

What is your initial reaction to this piece? Use descriptive language to describe how you felt while reading this. I endured several emotions while reading this piece. It was an emotional roller coaster for me. Emotions of sadness, hopefulness, and happiness came over me while …

Words 784
Pages 3
Ethics Essay – Fourth Estate

Media spotlight has the ability to change people’s lives dramatically, in some cases it is accidental, every day people minding their own business and as a consequence of being involved in an incident which resulted in either an inspiring or devastating outcome which resulted the …

Words 1255
Pages 5
Should People in the Public Eye Expect Their Privacy to Be Respected by the Media?

Journalism is a field of work that requires an individual to balance the ethical aspects of invading another person’s privacy with getting the information they need to cover a specific story. It is becoming increasingly common to find out what a certain celebrity has said …

Words 1208
Pages 5
Media Law in South Africa

The Press Freedom Commission (PFC) was launched in July 2011 by the press industry representative body, Print Media South Africa and the South African National Editors Forum in order to set up a suitable regulatory media system for South Africa (Press Freedom Commission, 2012: 1). …

DemocracyJournalismLawNewsSouth Africa
Words 1757
Pages 7
Journalism Is Art

Journalism Is Art Journalism is defined as “writing that reflects superficial thought and research, a popular slant, and hurried composition conceived of as exemplifying topical newspaper or popular magazine writing as distinguished from scholar writing. ” Art is defined as “the quality, production, expression, or …

Words 900
Pages 4
Journalism Code of Ethics

Thousands of journalists all over world voluntarily embrace the journalist code of ethics as a critical set of values and guidelines required to be a professional and morally upright journalist. The Society of Journalists (SPJ) says that “the code is not intended as a set …

Code of EthicsJournalJournalism
Words 1620
Pages 6
A Comparison of Third World Journalism and Modern Journalism

Information is a very important factor that contributes to the progressive civilization of the human society. It could be tracked down through history that with the existence of a way of passing information to the masses, it could be noticed that progress has been easily …

Words 68
Pages 1
Role of Advertising in Newspapers

The Role of Advertising in Newspapers Revenues from sales of advertising pay for the bulk of the costs of newspaper production. That’s why the reading public pays so little for its newspaper. What is advertising? An advertisement is a message designed to sell the advertiser’s …

Words 1895
Pages 7
The Media: Misinterpretation of reality

The media has a significant influence over the public since it was first established as an institution. Particularly the news media, media has had its influence in setting a nation’s agenda, focusing the attention of people to specified issues as well as shaping the public’s …

Words 2272
Pages 9
PR Crisis Case Studies in Real Time

Open any public relations textbook and the section on crisis management will include examples of how organisations have demonstrated “best” or “worst” practice. And, it’s not just the textbooks, as recent incidents (eg Tiger Woods or Toyota) have seen plenty of advice from PR “experts” …

CrisisJournalismMonetary Policy
Words 625
Pages 3
Newspaper as a Reliable Source of News and Information

Newspaper as a Reliable Source of News and Information The newspapers most notable contribution as a mass communication medium has been as a purveyor of information. Many people doubted if newspapers could fight off the challenge posed by radio and television – both being immediate …

Words 465
Pages 2
Alternative Media, Youth and Civil Society

Biography OF Dr. Govind Ji Pandey Filmmaker Сollege professor, social activist Dr. Govind Ji Pandey was born in Varanasi in 1972. Studied at BHU, Varansi and received his doctoral Degree in Journalism from MG Kashi Vidya Peeth, Varanasi. Acted in many films and worked for …

Words 3750
Pages 14
The Impact of Local Television in Today’s Society

Local Television in Today’s Society Since the early 1940’s, it has been clearly evident that television has played a crucial role in the way people receive and perceive news media on a day to day basis. According to State of the News Media, viewership and …

Words 1029
Pages 4
Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism

 The turning point of the field of broadcast journalism was attributed to no one but Edward R. Murrow who, ironically, has no background of the profession but whose innovations opened doors and paved the way for the industry’s present prominence. This premise proved that one’s …

Words 86
Pages 1
Write Feature Story

What Are Feature Stories? Feature stories are human-interest articles that focus on particular people, places and events. Feature stories are journalistic, researched, descriptive, colorful, thoughtful, reflective, thorough writing about original ideas. Feature stories cover topics in depth, going further than mere hard news coverage by …

Essay ExamplesJournalismNewsNewspaperWriter
Words 1485
Pages 6
New Journalism

Is New Journalism a literary genre? Analyse with reference to the literary techniques used in two examples of New Journalism. Word Count – 2231 I suppose the most common sense point at which to start is by defining New Journalism, or Literary Journalism, as Eisenhuth …

Words 2071
Pages 8
Citizen Journalism vs. Mainstream Media

Citizen journalism is news that comes from the larger public and not well- known and legitimate news agencies like, The Washington Post or The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Citizen journalism can be most recognized in the form of blogs or wiki sites. 15211 is a citizen …

Words 748
Pages 3
Journalist and Pr Relationship

1. The question for the essay is “Journalism and Public Relations: Symbiosis or Parasitosis? ” Journalists and Public Relations (PR) practitioners interact with each other everyday as part of the process of news production. Journalists communicate towards public relations practitioners with requests for information or …

Words 1326
Pages 5
Vietnam War in American Media

When talking about American media during the time of the Vietnam Wars, a common belief is that US news coverage of the events had a significant impact on public opion about the conflict, at such an extent that is is sometimes refered to as the …

JournalismMilitaryNewsVietnamVietnam War
Words 3246
Pages 12
Investigative Journalism – Libel Actions and Coalition Government Reforms

Abstract Investigative journalism is an important part of the international media and the lives of ordinary people, reporters involved with this type of work present important and highly valuable information to the public. This paper talks about investigative journalism and the risks and implications that …

Words 1347
Pages 5
Media events as holidays of mass communication

The authors introduced media events as “the holidays of mass communication.” They introduced the topic to the readers by citing recent examples of what can be treated as media events. From a general overview of the nature of such events, the authors then move towards …

GenreHolidaysJournalismMass CommunicationNews
Words 1403
Pages 6
Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer was born April 10, 1847 he died October 29, 1911 Joseph was from Mako, Hungary he immigrated to the U. S. in 1864 then he moved to St. Louis . After Joseph’s father died his business went bankrupt and his family …

EntertainmentEssay ExamplesJournalismNewspaper
Words 1037
Pages 4
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Introduction Philippine Daily Inquirer is one of the most prominent newspapers in the Philippines. It is the most widely read newspaper nowadays because of its updated content. The Philippine Daily Inquirer is undeniably the country’s most widely read and circulated newspaper. With over 2. 7 …

JournalismMass MediaPhilippines
Words 2856
Pages 11
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Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the "news of the day" and that informs society to at least some degree. The word applies to the occupation, the methods of gathering information, and the organizing literary styles.


The word journalism is taken from the French journal which in turn comes from the Latin diurnal or daily. The Acta Diurna, a handwritten bulletin, was put up daily in the Forum, the main public square in ancient Rome, and was the world's first newspaper.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the journalism essay?
A journalism essay is a piece of writing that provides analysis, interpretation, and opinion on a news story or event. Journalism essays can be written about any type of news, from local news stories to international events. Essays may provide an in-depth look at a particular issue or event, or they may offer a broader perspective on the news.
How do you write a journalistic essay?
There are certain elements that are common to most journalistic essays, and understanding these elements can help you to write your own journalistic essay.The first element of a journalistic essay is the headline. The headline should be catchy and attention-grabbing, and it should give the reader an idea of what the essay will be about.The second element is the lede. The lede is the first sentence or paragraph of the essay, and it should give the reader a clear idea of the essay's main argument or point.The body of the essay should develop the argument or point made in the lede, using evidence and examples to support it. The conclusion of the essay should sum up the main points made in the body and leave the reader with a strong understanding of the argument or point being made.
What is journalism Why is it important?
Journalism is the activity of collecting, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It is also the product of these activities. Why is journalism important? There are many reasons.Journalism plays a vital role in democracy. It helps people to be informed about what is happening in their society and to hold power to account. It also plays a role in social cohesion, by helping to create a shared sense of identity and common purpose.Journalism is also important for businesses and the economy. It provides information that helps businesses to make decisions and to understand their customers and markets. It also promotes innovation and creativity.Journalism is also important for individuals. It can help people to make sense of the world and to find their own place in it. It can also be a source of inspiration and entertainment.
What is journalism explain?
Journalism is the activity of collecting, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It is also the product of these activities.Broadly speaking, journalism is the activity of investigating and reporting events and issues. This can be done through print media, such as newspapers and magazines, broadcast media, such as television and radio, and online media, such as websites and blogs.Journalists use a variety of methods to gather information, including conducting interviews, observing events, and conducting research. They then use this information to create stories that inform, educate, and entertain their audiences.The practice of journalism is governed by a set of ethical principles, including accuracy, fairness, and independence. These principles are designed to ensure that journalism is truthful, objective, and unbiased.

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