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Benefit Types and Services of Lakeland Police Department

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The duty of the Lakeland Police Department is to ensure peace and order as well as to enhance the standard of living of the citizens they serve. They are committed to the values of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence. Theirs is the immense responsibility of being a protector to countless lives while endangering themselves in the process. Putting themselves in line, making themselves their last priority is their belief. Benefits One of the benefits that an officer accumulates is a life insurance.

In case of an officer’s death, financial support will be given to his loved ones, to be more specific it can be his children, spouse or relatives. It is to ensure that once he disintegrated on this earth, his loved ones can enjoy the fund as a form of compensation. Another type of benefit is the medical fee. In case an officer is injured, pharmaceuticals, hospital rooms, physician fees and fee for a surgeon are available. Dentals may or may not be included it all depends on the arrangements. This type of benefit, with their jobs as an officer may be the most used one of all.

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Once an officer is retired he can enjoy the fruits of his years of labor by means of a retirement fee. It is to guarantee that he can still receive funds without having to work and he will have a means a capital in case he wants to forego on a particular business. In their hazardous job, it is bound that one is to suffer from a disability while ensuring the safety of others. A disability benefit is in order so that it can perform as an income replacement in case an officer cannot perform his duties anymore.

It is also subdivided into two types, the long term and the short term disability benefits. Another type of classification is the paid time off benefit where he can still earn income while spending his holidays with family, suffering from sickness or enjoying a vacation. The Services Apart from protecting civilians, the Lakeland Police Department offers a lot of services to their citizens in accordance with their mission and vision. First they give vital information on how to protect homes, oneself, children and neighbors from being a victim of a crime.

They visit public and private, knocking in houses, distributing leaflets, posting in posters and the like that contains the necessary precautions needed. They host in awareness programs on the unsafe places like railroad crossings to prevent unnecessary accidents. They also attend vigils for the diseased, held programs for street children and orphans as well as distribute awards for the outstanding performances of certain individuals. The one they held in December 2007 was entitled “Do the Right Thing” award that was given to 5 children in Lakeland.

In addition, they ensure the health of the citizens by providing first aid for minor injuries, rescue squad support for emergency situations, immunization, literature on health issues, semi-annual tuberculosis screening program, confidential blood pressure and weight screening and they provide information on community and health programs including a low-cost student health insurance plan designed for Lakeland students. They patrol on communities, make the necessary traffic controls and gives room for lost and found properties.

They give importance to children by establishing Juvenile programs that is targetted to make them happy and healthy youth of the nation. Lakeland Police Department is not only intent punishing law-offenders but also to make sure that the visctims of such crime is safe, menatlly and hysically. They created programs to help them in making a new, if not a better life. It is through these services that mekes Lakeland Police Department become indespensible to the community and the people of Lakeland. References www. insidelakelandpd. org

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