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About Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Is what is being taught in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology relevant in the testing industry? The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is a tertiary institution of higher learning and technology. The institution’s main goal is towards education and innovation in the technology …

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Dissertation Examples – IT dissertation topics information technology

Introduction to Information Technology Dissertations A degree in Information and Communications Technology is designed to fulfill the requirements of people working as different professionals such as academicians, administrators and managers, technical staff, trainers, and developers in private or public sectors. A course in information and …

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Advantages and disadvantages of MSN Messenger

Introduction All over the world many people use the internet. One of the main reasons for using internet is communication. People communicate with each other in many different ways such as: emails, chat rooms and of course instant messaging programs. Have you ever used MSNPersonally …

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5 Ways A Startup Can Make Its App A Successful One

The recent change in the digital world, especially in India has seen the (dot) (com) culture weaving its own triumphant path. But, the less time-consuming, go-to medium is undoubtedly a mobile application. The major amount of time spent browsing, clicking and surfing on a smartphone …

MultimediaStart up
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5 Note-Taking Apps For Entrepreneurs For Paperless Work

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. There are times when you cannot remember most of the information at a meeting and you end up jotting down key notes. But where do most of these notes end up? You either lose them or forget …

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Whatsapp Says No Group Video-calling; Entrepreneurs Can Opt For These 7 Apps Instead

Just as Whatsapp announced the launch of its much-awaited video feature for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users, speculation began if it would be applicable for group chats and hence, enable business conferences.The Facebook-owned messaging service has finally upped its game to beat Apple’s FaceTime …

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YouTubers Can Interact With Viewers Via Live Text, Videos, GIFs

Have a favorite YouTuber? Soon, it may be a lot easier to interact with them.Google on Tuesday  YouTube Community, a new tool designed to help broadcasters connect with their fans. From the new Community tab on their YouTube channel, creators will be able to interact with …

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Twitter Wants You to Make Money From Videos

Facebook may be trying to wrestle with whether or not it's a media company, but Twitter certainly isn't. Today it  to share revenue with users who upload video to the microblogging site.Part of the plan is to add "pre-roll" advertisements to video clips, a tried-and-true model …

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The Low-Down On Using Instagram Stories For Your Business

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. If that’s the case, then the launch of the new Instagram Stories feature is less of a direct attack on Snapchat and more of an industry fist-bump for a job well done. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom …

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U.S digital music player industry

INTRODUCTION MP3, an obscure compression format that has the music industry shaking in its gold-studded boots, is surely one of the Web’s most unlikely heroes. It all started in the mid-1980s, at the Fraunhofer institute in Erlangen, Germany, which began work on a high quality, …

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Twitter Is Shutting Down Vine

Twitter is shutting down video-sharing service Vine "in the coming months," . Vine, which lets you share short video clips, debuted in 2013. Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 before the service had even launched.The news comes the same day Twitter announced it would lay off more …

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Report on Holiday Resort Introduction of Multimedia “Multimedia can be defined as the technology engaging a variety of media, including text, audio, video, graphics and animation either separately or in combination, using computer to communicate ideas or to disseminate information. ” Multimedia programming or multimedia …

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The role of Digit Rights Management in the supply of multimedia data to customers

As they say “Change is the only constant in this world”. This is true for all aspects of life especially in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Change happens almost every second – from the invention of the smallest gadget to the production of …

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Persuasive communication

Persuasive communication is at the heart of the selling process, and the sales presentation/demonstration is the critical center stage or Showtime” for salespeople. After asking the customer qualifying questions to uncover specific needs, the salesperson presents the products and services that will best satisfy those …

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Children cannot grow up as solitary individuals

“ Our kids ‘s jobs begin in the place, and can be solved at place. ” Rearing is cardinal to the endurance and success of the human race. Everyone who has of all time lived has had parents, and most grownups in the universe become …

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What is multimedia presentation essay?
Multimedia can be defined as the presentation or use of multiple content forms. Multimedia may include audio, text or still images along with video, animation, or other interactivity content.
What is multimedia explain?
Multimedia is using a computer to combine text, audio, video and graphics with links and other tools that allow users interact, create and communicate. Mixmedia is not multimedia if it doesn't provide interactivity.
What is multimedia and its uses?
Multimedia is communication that includes multiple content formats, such text, audio and images. ... Over time hypermedia extensions introduced multimedia to Internet.
What is multimedia explain with example?
Multimedia is the broadest term that describes the combination of multiple media formats. Multimedia is the combination of text, audio still images, animations, video, interactivity and text. Slides, which combine text and images, as well as video and other types, are multi-media.

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