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Positive Effects of Media

The media influences people in different ways, some positive and some negative. It is important to realize although media can have a positive effect on society too much exposure to television, computers, or magazines can lead to unhealthy effects. The media gives people a way …

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Effects of Powerpoint Presentation in the Academic Performance

Effect of PowerPoint Presentation in the Academic Achievement of the Senior Students of Madapdap Rest. My sincere thanks also go to the staff of the PAC library for allowing me to borrow their journals and books especially in the field of statistics. I thank my …

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Impact of Media on Socio-Cultural Values and Social Institution in Indian Society

The media, known as the fourth pillar of democracy, has a huge impact on the society. The effects are of course, positive as well as negative. Media is such a powerful tool that it literally governs the direction of our society today. It is the …

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Disadvantages of adding Audio and video in web pages

Online multimedia service providers will promptly put up an hour long presentation to highlight the advantages of inserting audio and video clips in websites. No doubt that visual and voice stimuli have greater impact and imprint on a visitor provided it doesn’t compromise on the …

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The Pros and Cons of Utilizing Multimedia in Website Development

Developing websites not only require the knowledge and skills in setting it up in the World Wide Web, but also implementing some elements that help in realizing the purpose of the website, making it attractive and interactive. This aim may be achieved by utilizing multimedia …

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Computer Assisted Language Learning

Computers can be tremendously useful tools for English language instruction. They process data quickly and integrate voice, music, videos, pictures and text into lessons. They can be programmed to tailor instruction and test for each individual learner. They can even used to make students feel …

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The Importance of Media

Media has become almost as necessary as food and clothing in the twenty-first century. The meritorious role that a media plays in regenerating the society is undeniable. Various media are prevailing. Media has the duty to inform, educate and entertain human being. News channels and …

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Persuasive communication

Persuasive communication is at the heart of the selling process, and the sales presentation/demonstration is the critical center stage or Showtime” for salespeople. After asking the customer qualifying questions to uncover specific needs, the salesperson presents the products and services that will best satisfy those …

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Dissertation Examples – IT dissertation topics information technology

Introduction to Information Technology Dissertations A degree in Information and Communications Technology is designed to fulfill the requirements of people working as different professionals such as academicians, administrators and managers, technical staff, trainers, and developers in private or public sectors. A course in information and …

E-commerceInformation TechnologyInternetMultimedia
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Compative Study on Nokia and Samsung

Introduction Overview of Industry as a Whole In today’s world, most people communicate through the use cellular phones. It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago cell phones were a rarity. Below is a history chronicling the dawn of the cell phone to its current …

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The Internet Piracy

The Pirate Bay -Case Study 1. How does The Pirate Bay business make money? What is its business model? – The Pirate business makes their money by advertising using the “advertising revenue” as a business model. It’s a website works as a forum to advertise …

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The Invention of the Cell Phone

Have you ever imagined the world without cell phones!? How do you think it has affected the world today? The cell phone allows people to communicate with other people anywhere in the world with anyone they want at anytime. How you use the cell phone …

Cell PhoneInventionMultimediaRadioTelephone
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The Media: Misinterpretation of reality

The media has a significant influence over the public since it was first established as an institution. Particularly the news media, media has had its influence in setting a nation’s agenda, focusing the attention of people to specified issues as well as shaping the public’s …

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Apple IPod essay

Apple IPod Science and technologies are constantly developing and new products are constantly appearing in the market. New iPods were like a boom in the market of computer technologies.  IPod is media video player designed by Apple. All devices are with simple user interface, central …

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Business Comunication

The second step is to compose your message, keeping foremost in mind the need to adapt to your audience. After producing a first draft, the writer completes the message by revising after reviewing the content, editing clarity and style, producing the document by considering format …

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Media oriented systems transport

MOST is a technology that employs high speed multimedia network which facilitates common devices like PDA, DVD, radio and many others for the purpose of getting used by them at the lowest cost. The common devices can connect with this network to provide functionality to …

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Instagram Term Paper

Abstract Today the folks responsible for one of the most popular social photography apps in the world have brought that entertainment to Android– and here we’re going to review it! What you’ll find is that this app is extremely similar to the iOS version, it …

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Compare and contrast the effects of hypermedia

Introduction Technology is changing the way lessons are taught. A wide variety of multimedia applications teaching various core competencies are now available either freely or commercially. The World Wide Web (WWW) is also becoming a very powerful tool for teaching, allowing teaching materials to be …

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Top 5 Social Networking Site – Taiwan

Mobile phone and social networking site – market research Researcher Name: Sam Ng Date: 5 August 2011 1|Page Social Networking Site No. 1 – (Facebook) How many users are there on the site? In Taiwan, there are approximately 10,192,740 audiences (http://www. checkfacebook. com/) How many …

FacebookInternetMultimediaSocial NetworkingTaiwan
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I Didnt Do It

Case Study 1. What are the challenges facing L’Oreal management? 2. Make a list of all the functionalities of M@sternet described in the video. What kind of a knowledge management system is M@sternet? 3. Why did L’Oreal say it chose the SharePoint platform? 4. What …

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Ict in School Education

Information and Communication Technology for Education in India and South Asia Essay II ICT in School Education (Primary and Secondary) ICT in School Education (Primary and Secondary) 2010 Executive Summary The essay on use of ICTs in school education provides a study of trends and …

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Impact of ICT on Education Sectors in America

The capableness for information and communications engineering has been grow up over the last 10 to 15 old ages. Nowadays the computing machine have become more powerful, besides have satellite, fibre ocular and the radio engineering has increased. Other than that, package developments such as …

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Technology in Education

Software Support Tools According to Rogers (2008), “the landscape of the classroom is being transformed, with technology becoming a driving force” (p. 92). In today’s classroom there are numerous software support tools available to enhance learning and cater to the needs of all learners. Roblyer …

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Dub Turbo Download

Are You Looking For Dub Turbo Torrent? The Dub Turbo torrent has been the most widely searched torrent on the internet recently. The latest sensation in the music industry is the Dub Turbo software which is a user-friendly software aimed at helping musicians who are …

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Children cannot grow up as solitary individuals

“ Our kids ‘s jobs begin in the place, and can be solved at place. ” Rearing is cardinal to the endurance and success of the human race. Everyone who has of all time lived has had parents, and most grownups in the universe become …

AdolescenceCommunityGrow UpMultimediaParenting
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Multimedia Assignment

Multimedia Assignment BY mck10101 Module code: 5M 299 Pre-production encompasses everything you do before you start recording and producing your media. Good pre-production will save time and hardship in the production and post-production stages. (McLaughlin, 2013). The overall goal is to maintain control during the …

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Bussines Communication

Bussines Communication Business communication it is the communication between the people in the organisation for the purpose of carrying out the business activities. It is a process of exchange of facts, ideas, opinions and as a means that individual or organization share meaning and understanding …

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Laptops in Schools

Laptop Usage in Schools The issues of laptops being used in schools are brought up throughout the whole country. Many people think that if we provide every student with a laptop, we will end up spoiling our future generation and turn them into lazy, unimaginative …

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Report on Cybermediaries

4. 724 E-BUSINESS A REPORT ON THE CYBERMEDIARIES OF THE NEW ZEALAND RESTAURANT INDUSTRY  The use of the information systems and applications to drive and support the processes of a business, mainly using the web technology is known as E-Business. This helps the companies to …

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Microsoft Office Critical Essay

Appreciate the Issues Impacting upon the future development and use of methods In Industry. AD. Discuss professional and ethical Issues relating to information systems development Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes: copying information directly from the Web or books without …

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A multimedia marketing strategy allows you to market your brand on more than one medium. It has the capability of incorporate all the brand's social media campaign, online platform advertisement, print media advertisement and television advertising to form one cohesive and concise message.


Definition. Multimedia materials consist of items made up of more than one type of material. These include books or serials in conjunction with software, CD-ROM products, microfiche, audio tapes, video tapes, DVDs and LP discs, as well as various combinations of non-book materials.


There are seven elements - text, graphics, photographs, sound, animation, video and interactivity - that can be included in a multimedia presentation. A TRUE multimedia presentation combines all of these elements.

Frequently asked questions

What is multimedia in essay?
Multimedia is a combination of text, images, audio, and video that is used to convey a message. It is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of settings, including education, business, and entertainment.Multimedia has a number of advantages over traditional communication methods. It is more engaging and can capture the attention of the audience more effectively. Additionally, multimedia can be used to provide a more immersive experience that can help the audience to better understand the message.There are a few disadvantages to multimedia as well. It can be more expensive to produce than traditional methods, and it can be difficult to control the message when it is distributed online. Additionally, some people may find multimedia to be overwhelming or distracting.Overall, multimedia is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance communication. When used effectively, it can help to improve understanding and engage the audience.
Why is multimedia so important?
Multimedia is important because it allows us to engage with content in a more interactive and engaging way. It also allows us to access content from a variety of sources, which can make learning more fun and exciting. Additionally, multimedia can help us to better retain information and improve our understanding of concepts.
What is the multimedia and its use explain?
Multimedia is a term used to describe computer data that has been formatted into a variety of different media types. This can include text, images, audio, video, and animation. Multimedia is often used in a variety of different applications, such as educational materials, advertising, and entertainment.
What is introduction to multimedia?
An introduction to multimedia can be defined as a multimedia presentation that is created to provide an overview of a topic or subject. It is typically used as a tool for teaching or training, and can be delivered in a variety of formats, including video, audio, and text.Multimedia presentations can be used to engage and educate audiences of all ages, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the audience. For example, an introduction to multimedia presentation for a business audience might focus on the different types of multimedia content that can be used to promote a product or service, while an introduction to multimedia presentation for a classroom setting might focus on the educational applications of multimedia.While the content of an introduction to multimedia presentation will vary depending on the audience and purpose, there are some common elements that are typically included. These elements can help to ensure that the presentation is effective and engaging.Some common elements of an introduction to multimedia presentation include:An attention-grabbing opening: This can be a short video clip, an interesting story, or a question that will pique the interest of the audience.Clear objectives: The objectives of the presentation should be clearly stated at the beginning, so that the audience knows what to expect.Engaging content: The content of the presentation should be engaging, informative, and relevant to the audience.Visual aids: Visual aids, such as images, video clips, and infographics, can help to illustrate the points being made in the presentation.A call to action: The presentation should end with a call to action, such as signing up for a free trial or requesting more information.

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