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Functional Strategies

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An organization needs to have a clear plan or strategy in order to prepare itself to resolve any impending concerns in its operations. In such aspect, today’s group of organizations is implementing two basic types of strategies-the functional and operational types of approach.

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Functional Strategies

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A functional strategy is a core tactic which only involves short or medium term planning. These strategies are limited only to the departments of the organizations where the initiatives to undertake a procedure is limited. Each of the departments is required to do its functions or jobs in contributing to the total goal of the organization. Some of the examples of functional strategic planning involve marketing, product launching, accounting and financing, researching and legal strategies (Kulzick 1).

On the other hand, an operating strategy intends to close the planning space between the proposed business strategy and the actual implementation. It converts the strategic missions into defined procedure targets. In a shorter and general definition, operating strategies concern in narrower perspectives to manage the important operating units of the organization. Some of the examples of this approach are the program to boost laborers’ productivity, improving the delivery of goods and services or providing greater after sales support to the clients.

It is always an important mater for a certain business organization to have varying strategies for its operations. These tactics may help the entity to take care of the possible operation dilemmas and improve its business activities.

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