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The main functional areas are Human Resources, Production, and Administration, Finance, Marketing, R&D. the main functional areas in the coca cola company are HR, Production and Administration.

Human Resources

The human resources department recruits the best people for the right jobs. For coca cola the human resources department looks for people who have skills and experience in driving Lorries. They should be honest and happy in what they do. They produce a frame work which helps them to identify the right person for the work. They check out the attendance, punctuality of the employees. They check whether the employees are paid on time and whether they are late. They first advertise internally for a job that needs to be replaced before advertising it externally. They make sure that an employee only works over one time once a week. There is a training manager in coca cola who trains employees from ages 16-65. They never stop training and they have to train themselves continuously.

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Production department helps improve the products. Managers help others in their work in the production department and they guide them through their jobs. They tell the employees in that department what to do and they produce new ideas and alternative to the company. Their main target is to only loose about �10000 a year of yield and �2000 a week. They also help to improve machines. They have a microbiologist in the coca cola company. He inspects the hygiene, in the production line and the raw material. He checks for contamination like moulds, bacteria and coli foam, he checks normal hygiene as well. Costic and parasitic acid removes the debris from inside the vessels and sterilizes it; he makes sure that this is still not in it while making the product. All areas are checked by a swab before production and the documents have to be checked by him.

They have around 300 people working in the production department in coca cola and around 47,735 people working in McDonalds. Comparing this to coca cola there is a big difference. This shows that machines have taken over in coca cola but not in McDonalds. This also tells us that coca cola has grown and developed faster than the tertiary sector that is McDonalds. Coca cola make 24,000 drinks per hour.


In the administration department they have to do the filing and arrangements to see people. The PA Wendy Savides aim is to make sure that the boss knows where he is to be at a certain time. She also has to manage other people. She has a diary which contains the appointment for the boss and she helps him in any way, with meetings, charities, local donations.


There are four basic aspects of marketing that is used in coca cola called the "four P's":

*Product: The item or service they sell.

*Price: The amount they charge for their product or service.

*Promote: The ways they inform the market as to who, what and where they are.

*Provide: The channels you use to take the product to the customer.

As you can see, marketing encompasses much more than just advertising or selling. For example, a major part of marketing involves researching your customers: What do they want? What can they afford? What do they think? Your understanding and application of the answers to such questions play a major role in the success or failure of your business. Advertising is a good way to inform people what is available to buy and if there where no adverts we wouldn't know what to buy or we would end up buying the same products and not trying anything different. But on the other hand adverts can encourage us to buy things that we don't need because they make the product look or sound really good and a lot of the time the product isn't as good as advertisements make them out to be.

Coca cola spent around 569 million into ads in 2002. This shows that they have put a lot of time, money and ideas into the advertisements and they have made their money by the number of drinks they have sold. Coca cola's target audience varies with the different drinks. Fanta is aimed for women and teenagers. Coca-cola classic is aimed for all ages. Diet cola is aimed mostly for women from ages 25-35. This is quite alike with McDonalds because only a certain age people buy a product like women buy salads and a chicken sandwich.


HR is the most important functional area to the workers but to the boss its finance. This area controls all money in the business, and they are responsible for all money that goes in and out the business. Every so often the gives the other departments some money and they must stick to that. If they break their budget they must explain why. All money, which is spent, must first go through finance and only a senior worker can give consent for it. They are also responsible for paying every one in the company. They must give as report every week of how their cash flow is going, they must be precise to the last digit or they will be in big trouble. They must also prepare cash flow forecasts and break even charts; these must be shown at each company meeting. If all of these things aren't done correctly then the company could go bankrupt or the financial manager may get done for fraud. This section is very important and is vital for the businesses success.

Marketing helps them in the aim of having bottled water. They can advertise their product and help them find out what people really want from their money.

HR can help find experienced people for the different work, which will help them achieve improving working relationship.

Finance helps them to see how much money they have and how much they need to buy things. Administration helps them to control the communication between the functions. They deal with internal and external communications. It facilitates the successful production of products and efficiency in the business.

Production is the heart of the business as it creates profit and is the reason the business is running. This helps them achieve most of their aims like major rise in profit.

The human resources department needs to communicate with production manager for several reasons. I asked Andrea Reeves the HR manager and she said, 'we communicate well to know the attendance, punctuality of the employees so that we can see which workers are good for promotions and stuff like that.' She said that 'we have to even communicate to the finance department to see that the employees are paid. We do this by Email internally, presentation.'

PA needs to communicate with production manager to see whether they are producing enough bottles per hour and if they are going according the plan. They would want to check if they are being environmentally friendly. They communicate by phone or e-mail internally.

The production manager would communicate with the microbiologist to see if there are any bacteria or whether they should start producing the drinks. They would want to know the status of the machines and whether they need to through out any drinks that are if the bacteria was in the machines while the drinks were made. This would contaminate the drinks. They communicate face to face or by phone internally. The marketing manager needs to communicate with the finance department to see how much money they have to invest in a making of a product. They communicate by the phone and by fax.

The functional areas of coca cola are strong and secure; they help coca cola achieve their aims. They need to communicate with each other for several reasons, whether it's important or just a question about lateness.

The advantages of talking, intranet and meetings are that it is efficient and quicker. Using e-mails and phone record involves ICT which can make things complicated and can take time.

The business communicates to customers through the website mainly and sometimes through news articles. They sell their products through promotions their latest one is the free music download. If there is a problem then the customers call the customer line. They can complain to the services about the product which then goes to the coca cola administration department. Coca cola is responsible for the product till it reaches the hands of the customer. To do this the company needs to keep in contact with the store or market. They also need to contact about the times they need to deliver new drinks and where the drinks should be kept as well.

The company gets their yield ready made so they don't know what it is made of but they put down some basic ingredients like caffeine.

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What are the functional areas of Coca-Cola?
The functional areas of Coca-Cola include marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and research and development. Each of these areas works together to ensure the success of the company and its products. Additionally, Coca-Cola has a global presence, which requires additional functional areas such as international operations and global marketing.
What is the internal communication strategy of Coca-Cola?
Coca-Cola's internal communication strategy focuses on creating a culture of open communication and collaboration. They use a variety of tools, such as intranet, email, and video conferencing, to ensure that employees are connected and informed. They also use internal social media platforms to encourage dialogue and feedback from employees.
What are the functional strategies of Coca Cola Company?
The Coca Cola Company has three main functional strategies: cost leadership, product differentiation, and market focus. Cost leadership involves reducing costs and increasing efficiency to gain a competitive advantage. Product differentiation involves creating unique products that stand out from competitors. Market focus involves targeting specific markets and tailoring products to meet their needs.
What are the functional benefits of Coca-Cola?
The functional benefits of Coca-Cola include providing a refreshing and energizing beverage, as well as providing a source of hydration. Additionally, Coca-Cola has been shown to have a positive effect on mood and can be used as a social lubricant.

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