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When our country goes into a recession and Jobs have to get cut that is out of the individuals control. It isn't their fault a company has to lay people off due to lack of money. Also you see things like the cost of living and healthcare which are very expensive for people to afford right now. A lot of people have a Job and work hard and still can't afford healthcare or a a decent home. That Is my understanding of the public Issues. Things that happen in the country that Is a bad break for people. My understanding of personal Issues is things that happen to certain individuals such as n Injury or Illness, another thing out of their control.

People get hurt and can't work and that results In a lower standard of living for them and their family. Also some personal issues can be controlled such as when someone wants to get another job or quit their job. Some get fired for not performing well, this is something they could have controlled and as a result are now in poverty. It goes both ways there are way people get into poverty that are Just out of their control and some ways some of these people could have prevented. In many ways "personal troubles" and "public issues" go hand in hand when it comes to poverty.

Often times public issues can cause personal troubles. For example, a factory closing In a small town is a public Issue, affecting the city government and citizens of the town. The closing of a factory will cause personal troubles for the workers who are now unemployed. Personal troubles and public Issues can both lead to poverty. Factors that lead to poverty that can be controlled by an individual could be how they spend/save the money that they earn. A person that makes a argue income, for example, might not be good at investing their money into the needs of their family and waste it instead, bringing them into poverty.

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On the other hand, a family with a lesser income who save and spend wisely may be considered "middle-class". Factors that are beyond an individual's control might include war, the country's economy, no available Jobs, and catastrophes (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. ). Sociological Imagination Is the link between "personal troubles" and "public Issues". To understand this you must understand the connection between the two Issues. Personal troubles describes the character of an Individual and what social Issues are affecting him or her directly.

Public issues are matters that can't be controlled by the contribute to poverty that an individual can control are; controlling spending tendencies, get an education to help get Jobs, and living in an affordable area. Factors that are beyond the individuals control are; prices of necessary life demands such as food, clothing shelter, and taxes. Both of these factors contribute to poverty because the personal troubles of one person will eventually lead to public issues. An example loud be a individual who gets fired for not having the appropriate skills brings up the societies unemployment rate.

After thoroughly learning about Sociological Imagination it is clear that you must understand what public issues is and personal troubles is. Public issues are problems that come up that you can't control. And it does not only affect you as an individual but the society as a whole. Personal troubles are problems that society creates that affect you as an individual. Many times public issues and personal troubles are linked together. In response to Poverty in the US there are many resistances where the public issues create personal troubles on an individual.

For example, if a company goes out of business and goes bankrupt then everyone in that company is now unemployed. That is something they had no control over and now it's a personal trouble for them. I think that a personal problem pertaining to poverty could be someone who doesn't manage or invest his or her income well. If an injury were to happen and they don't have enough money to cover it, I think that would be something they could have prevented. You can prevent an injury and you can also learn how to deal with your money better.

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