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Unemployment in America

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Harry Icaza POL 101 4/11/10 Professor Karras Unemployment in America Today in America unemployment is a very big issue that everyone speaks about.

America has been digging itself into a modern recession ever since the collapse of banks and large institutions.All this led to bailing out banks and trying to fix the financial crisis that we got ourselves into.There are people who blame the Bush administration for the crisis that we were put into, but there are others who do not.Our new president, Barack Obama, is trying his best to put America back on track.

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Obama’s plan is to re-play the “New Deal”, in order to create jobs for people who are under unemployment. While the election was still taking place, president-elect Barack Obama saw that he was coming into office with a lot of work and hardships in the future. According to the Weekly Standard “No Country for Burly Men,” explains that this recession is being called a “man-cession” by many economists.

Not only that, but men have lost a lot more jobs than women in 2009, as you will see on the chart. It is close to 80% of jobs that men have lost. Obama’s stimulus plan offered infrastructure of the country in which it would give jobs to many men who have lost their jobs. The stimulus package consisted of jobs such as building and fixing roads, schools, and transportation. This made women around America stand up for themselves and wanted a change. They believed it was not right for Obama just to target men for jobs, but they wanted him to target women as well.Women economists actually collected 600 signatures in order for the president-elect to provide new jobs in education, healthcare, etc.

“At the same time, more than 1,000 feminist historians signed an open letter urging Obama not to favor a “heavily male-dominated field” like construction,” says Christina Hoff Sommers. Women tended to blame Obama a lot in this article due to the sole fact that he was only targeting men for jobs in his new stimulus plan.They spoke out for themselves and they got what they wanted. They convinced Obama too also help women get back in the workplace in order to help the economy. As you can see now the economy is running fairly well from when it use to be back in 2008. In “Mandating Unemployment”, the presidential candidate John Kerry issued that he wanted to increase the minimum wage to $7, and a lot of people went in utter shock. Many believed that if the minimum wage is raised to $7 that it would hurt all small businesses.

Kerry made it very clear that every time the minimum wage was raised that it did not hurt anyone. Kerry wants more Americans that are poorer for the economy to flow better. “Small employers and labor intensive-businesses, notes the National Restaurant Association, “are the most impacted by mandated entry-level wage increases…,” says The New American. Kerry believes that the increase in the wage would help a lot of women in the workplace. Minimum wage is never a bad thing, explains the New American.It keeps bread on the table for the average family just to survive for the week or a couple of days. Many Americans put blame on Kerry due to the fact that if he wants to raise the minimum wage to $7, why can’t he raise to $15 or $50 an hour.

People can live a little better if were to be raised a little higher. Personally, I would believe the frame of the stimulus package helping the women get jobs in education and healthcare. It sounds legit that women fought for Obama to help them out in this difficult time.

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