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Education and Unemployment in South Africa

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A Case Study Introduction Poor educational standard is an issue which has been discussing globally. Matriculation is an important stage in the educational life of a student. The reason being it is a turning point or point of departure to different destinations. So utmost guidance and care must be given to students who are on that stage to get the desired outcome. Here the researcher is trying to analyses the various reasons behind he poor performance of learners.

The researcher has decided to limit the study to South African matrix examination. So the problem is what are the factors contributing to poor educational standards and matriculation results in South Africa? How can it be improved? Problem statement The 2009 National Senior Certificate Results were released on 7 January 2010 the pass rate declined for the seventh year in a row and learner performance in key subjects like English, Math and physical sciences also declined.

The national education minister, Ms Angier Motivates, could not hide her disappointment in this regard. She remarked that, "the drop in the results was a huge disappointment for the department considering the tremendous amount of work put into executing these exams". Here the researcher formulates his question, "what are the causes of this situation? " Significance of the problem This is one of the major challenges faced by this country at present. Poor educational tankards have an impact in the long run.

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Currently South Africa Is one of the countries who are facing the challenge skill shortage although we have hosted the 2010 soccer world cup successfully. We are hiring experts, technicians and professionals from Aslant and European countries. This will drain the economy of this country In the long run. At the same time the unemployment rate Is shooting up to sky. That means South African youth Is unemployed not because of the non- availability of Job...

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