Negative effects of Immigration

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2020
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Immigration has created our economic instability in the United States. With more immigrants migrating to the U. S every year, our economy is slowly getting worse due to strain on our nation's budget. The overall population isn't benefiting to having to provide for more people flowing into the country. Money is an issue in our economic system currently. With the national debt rising every year, we cannot afford to support any more people.

Immigration into the U. S. creates strain on Social Services, takes up natural resources and takes Jobs away from American workers. With more and more immigrants coming into the U. S. , our social service program is being flooded by more and more people every year. Since immigrants don't pay as much taxes as American-born citizens because of the much lower income, it puts strain on the budget. The median income of immigrant households is 36 percent lower than the average American family.

The household is the primary contributor to our social services program. With immigrant families paying less in taxes and using more in social services the system is estimated to go wrong. With immigrants using he welfare system so much the nation's budget is increasing rapidly from over-use. With the growing population in the United States, natural resources are becoming scarce. Supporting a growing population requires more resources and it's a problem when you have people coming in by the millions.

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The increase of population puts strain on our nation by finding diplomatic solutions to food, materials and space. The amount of food we would have to produce to feed the growing population of the U. S. would create problems. Our resource base has started shrinking rapidly throughout the years. Immigration causes 3 major things to happen to natural resources. First, a large amount of immigration leads to a greater use of natural resources. Second it causes prices of raw materials to rise.

Third, it requires creating timely and costly research for diplomatic solutions to substitute the materials. Immigrants that come to the U. S. will obviously be looking for work. With unemployment rates increasing there won't be work for a large portion of U. S. citizens. The idea that immigrants take Jobs that Americans don't want to do is completely wrong. Over 40 million Americans are out of the labor force and the ncreasing population isn't helping the unemployment problem.

American workers are being replaced by immigrants who are willing to work for lower wages. This put out a lot of American-born citizens out of work. The issues with todays growing immigration rates will not improve our nations economy. There needs to be a change in the amount of immigrants we can allow into the U. S.. The overall population isn't benefiting to having to provide for more people flowing into the country. Our nation's economy will collapse if the rate of immigrants continues. Negative effects of Immigration By nessdane

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