Essays on Traffic

Essays on Traffic

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Traffic? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Traffic essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Traffic, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Traffic Jam Essay

Traffic congestion is a condition caused by the increasing number of vehicles on the road resulting in congestion, road blockage, slower speed, longer route time and the loss of valuable time. Traffic jam occurs when the vehicles have to completely stop or move at a …

Words 2462
Pages 10
Postman Essay

A postman has always been an important part of our society. His job duties involve reporting to the post office on time every day, sorting the letters according to the addresses, placing them carefully in his bag, delivering them to the correct address and reporting …

BicycleMoneySocial WorkSocietyTraffic
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Pages 10
Essay on Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules are definite rules and regulations formed by the government and other relevant agencies for the safety and convenience of daily road commuters and other travelers. Some rules vary for different types of road users i.e. cyclists, pedestrians, car drivers etc, while some are …

Words 2322
Pages 10
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Essays on Traffic
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Traffic Safety Analysis: Car Accidents

The first main reason of causing traffic accident is overspeed. It can seriously cause an accident, significantly in narrow streets. Many people, especially young drivers, always drive too fast without thinking or caring about their own safety. Some people might think that driving motorbikes too …

Car AccidentRoadSafetyTraffic
Words 629
Pages 3
Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is when a vehicle is at longer trip of time, slower speeds and vehicular queuing or road. When vehicles stopped for period of time and can also lead frustration to drivers. When many vehicle travel in slower speed that the road cannot handle. …

Words 490
Pages 2
A cloud-based smart traffic management in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) environment

Abstract Road traffic on public roads around the world is a vital problem and is seemly a major pretend to conclusion makers. Urban region have a great stack of traffic jams. Cloud computing is turning a good engineering to provide a potent and scalable computing …

Words 2662
Pages 11
Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Introduction Accident remedial measures are actions undertaken to correct perceived or actual deficiency or risks in road traffic to improve safety. A WHO 2004 report indicates that about 1.2 million people are killed annually the world over and forecast that by “2020 road accident will …

Words 1096
Pages 5
Small Cars: New Paradigm Shift

Small Cars: New Paradigm Shift? Our country has long had an obsession with the automobile. The designs of the sixties and seventies remain fond memories that still dominate our garages and car shows today. Nobody can be anybody without owning a car in today’s culture. …

Essay ExamplesSustainabilityTraffic
Words 1273
Pages 6
Financial Benefits of Traffic Management: Case Study of Haringey Council

Introduction Haringey council is a public sector organisation that is involved in financing many local projects. This paper aims at providing a literature review on the financial benefits of traffic management focusing on the case study of Haringey Council. The literature review focuses on 3 …

Case StudyTraffic
Words 3592
Pages 15
Reflection Essay on Road Safety

Road safety is increasingly becoming a major killer and a worldwide concern. A child is killed in an accident every three minutes. Everyday more than one hundred people are killed due to lack in road safety. Around six thousand people are injured due to these …

RoadRoad AccidentsSafetyTraffic
Words 363
Pages 2
50 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

More website traffic is always a good thing. And most online marketing strategies do revolve around building traffic to your site. Yet it’s sometimes challenging to come up with new ideas to boost your site’s traffic. That’s why I’ve come up with this list of 50 …

Words 1665
Pages 7
5 Ways Worthless Content Is Driving Away Your Readers

Based on many of the articles I see every day, it has become apparent to me that bad content is vogue. There is an undeniable trend of people striving to say less, decrease blog traffic and generally irritate their readership.The reason remains a mystery. It seems counterintuitive, …

Words 1163
Pages 5
Develop Road Safety Culture

Transportation is one of the basic things that people use and need in their everyday lives. We use different modes of transportation like airplanes, trains, boats, cars, and motorcycles. But the most abundant and commonly used of these are the cars, buses, and motorcycles. This …

Words 711
Pages 3
Air Traffic Control

The National Airspace System of the U. S is one difficult system to work with today. It consists of thousands of people, procedures, facilities and equipment, which, enables for safe travel across the United States and over great portions of the world’s major oceans. The …

Words 1589
Pages 7
The Social Sciences

Assignment-[4] how the relationships between people and traffic are ordered. In this assignment I will try to compare and contrast two views of how the relationship between people and traffic is ordered. The relationship between people and traffic is then examined in chapter 7 of …

Words 1679
Pages 7


Why is traffic a problem?
The main reason traffic congestion has increased is because of the increase in population. If a country is wealthy, there will be more people and more vehicles. However, total vehicle mileage has grown much faster that the population.
What is the main cause of traffic?
Traffic accidents are often caused by people. People can cause many dangerous situations, even with their opposable thumbs or large frontal lobes.
Why is traffic heavy in cities?
Traffic can be very heavy at times, like the early morning rush hour or late afternoon rush hour. This means that your vehicle is surrounded by traffic. It is more difficult to create safe spaces around your vehicle when traffic is heavy. Sometimes traffic becomes so dense that your car will stop.

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