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Device Invented: Teleportation

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“Kids, back in my days, we didn’t have those fancy teleportation devices; getting to places was a transportation problem. I remember very well those times. Cars now had a modern system of using infrared radiation as energy fuel, therefore many began to buy automobiles since the pollution problem was disappearing. Still, the traffic jams were constant and a solution was being researched. This way, public transportation became the axis of travel of the modern man.

Nevertheless, as living and health conditions improved, there were still too many humans in the planet that needed to get from one place to another. We never believed at those times that change was very close. Twelve of November of 2026, a date I will never forget. I was working in my office when I began to hear a crowd of people cheering outside. Apparently scientists had been able to safely teleport an apple from one location to another. The news scattered quickly as a public demonstration was going to take place.

I remember I sat down with my fellow workers around the screen and just in front of our eyes we saw how they teleported a dog from a chamber to another one located just a few feet away. The device worked and many anticipated that this method was the end to not only traffic jams but also the future way of public transport, economy, and more. Finally four years later, and just two months before I met your grandmother, authorities explained that teleportation had been tested enough to become safe and people could now use this marvelous invention.

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That day, I walked from my apartment and went straight to the nearest “booth” which was the folkloric name people had given it. The “booth” was two meters high, and wide enough for three people to come in. The machine had a small antennae that beeped loudly. When I first walked in, I could not help but notice the warm interior made of white polystyrene and all the wiring around it. Finally I stepped in, a door automatically closed and I just had to whisper for my destiny and bam, in a matter of a blink, I was standing in the other side of town.

The device soon became the first method of transportation making anything quicker and cheeper. The device was soon used not only in transport persons, but soon companies shipped their products this way, and you could say it very much improved every aspect of life. And as you now know boys, the “booth” was soon modified so that it not only covered a small area but it can now transport 50 persons at the same time. So children, you better get ready for school, its late and you need to teleport in 5 min or you will not get to class in time. ”

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