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What Is Modern Technology Provide to Us

What is Modern Technology Provide to Us? “Technology begins with human nature,” this is a slogan what I believe.There is one question always appear in my mind, what does modern technology bring us? Since development of modern technology, more and more inventions appear.Modern technology was designed to meet human needs, and for convenience.

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It cannot be denied that modern technology makes our life more convenient; however, modern technologies still bring greater inconvenience than convenience.

Complex method of operation is one of the biggest problems when using the modern technology; for example: a millionaire bought a car from Europe to show his wealth, everyone could drive it easily by pushing several buttons because this car was full automatic with its artificial intelligence. But the system setting was very complicated before you started it. Once, this millionaire pushed the wrong buttons and then the car could not move. Then, he had to invite the professional engineer from Europe to help him solved this problem.

After that, he decided not to use those buttons to avoid any problem and troubles. Let’s take the invention of cars as another example, its invention is supposed to enable us to travel faster and is more convenient. But, what happens now? The traffic jams for hours, pollutions appear, every time when I see the traffic jams in any city during the rush hour, I feel that I am so lucky because I don’t have a car. We don’t even know exactly how much time we have to spend or waste on our car. That is the reason why I choose to take populace transportation vehicle.

To compare radio and cable, radio can provide news, entertainment or even advertisement as cable does. There is no doubt that cable plays an important role in our lives; however, cable brings numerous negative things as well. Cables transmit more violence and pornography than before. It might affect our new generation. On the other hand, radio still occupies an important role in our life. Most of people don’t really have time to watch the news on television, but they will still listen to the radio have they are driving or so.

Modern technologies bring inconvenience because it doesn’t really fit in what we need in our life. Let’s take the most popular invention: cell phone as another example. Nowadays, cell phones become smaller and lighter. Cell phone seems very convenience to us. Nevertheless, this kind of design is not suitable for some of us. Such as the button are too small for senior citizen to click, too expensive to fix. Personally, I am always looking for my cell phone because my cell phone is too small for me. What does modern technology really bring to us?

One of my teachers told us that the richest people will get richer and richer. But we are getting poor. It is because those producers are sucking our money because we are buying their new invention. Personally, I strongly believe we should consider if the newest technology can really provide the convenience to us when we try to develop them, or they will only become a trouble for us. Now, I am also thinking about another question: “If my laptop break down right now and this essay suddenly disappear, how will I feel and what should I do? ”

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