Essays on Dorothea Lange

Essays on Dorothea Lange

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Dorothea Lange

Art has always been Important to society. The art Influence and modify to society and which Is formed societys understanding and era. Especially visual arts such as paintings and photographs all important for know better. For example: Jaime Olaya’s painting La Famllla and Dorthea Lange’s …

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How did Dorothea Lange impact society?
Dorothea Lange’s photographs of rural poor and migrants are some of America's most memorable images from the Great Depression. Lange's pictures were brought to light by the FSA and helped to bring issues like family hardship and unfavorable working conditions.
Why is Dorothea Lange important?
What is Dorothea Lange best known for? Dorothea Lange is an American documentary photographer. Her portraits capturing displaced farmers in the Great Depression greatly influenced later journalistic and documentary photography. Migrant Mother Nipomo California (1936) is the most famous of her portraits.
How did Dorothea Lange's photography inspire social justice?
Lange's pictures brought the needy and the forgotten to public attention. Her photos of migrant workers, sharecroppers, and farm families displaced helped to humanize many of the Great Depression's consequences.
How is Dorothea Lange's work still relevant today?
Dorothea Lange, the famous photographer behind one among the most iconic images of 20th century history, has photos that are as powerful as ever today. Lange wrote of the popular image nearly two decades later, for the Farm Security Administration United States.

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