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Reflection Essay on Road Safety

Essay Topic:

Road safety is increasingly becoming a major killer and a worldwide concern.

A child is killed in an accident every three minutes.Everyday more than one hundred people are killed due to lack in road safety.Around six thousand people are injured due to these small mistakes of a driver.

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Many people look at road safety as non-essential, but this a major topic of accidents occurring every minute nowadays. . Road accident is a global tragedy with ever-raising trend. To avoid these, a driver should be careful not to break the road safety rules and maintain the road safety culture.

The main reason for accidents is high speed driving. Many people are killed, left seriously injured in road accidents. Drivers must be well educated regarding road safety & what to do what not to do. Police officers have a key role in encouraging improved road-user behavior. The main causes of the car accidents are driver distractions, drunken drivers, using cellular phones while driving, speeding, aggressive driving, mechanical failure, road conditions and weather.Lack of discipline of the driver, refusal to follow traffic rules, lack of experience and licensing older drivers also may be a cause of these accidents. Road accidents involving children has become a major cause for concern around the world.

Within recent times, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of road accidents involving children. Accidents are generally classified as single vehicle and multiple vehicle accidents. The increase of road accident is closely linked with the rapid growth of population, economics development, industrialization and motorization encountered by the country.It continues to be a growing concern to all those who use the roads. There are many other causes of accident on the road. One reason is that, nowadays people can obtain license easily. But actually, people who want to get the license must have an experience and know the rules on the road.

However, we do not have a big number of experienced drivers on the road. However, there are traffic laws that may prevent these kinds of accidents to happen, but it is still up to the driver to follow the road safety rules and maintain road safety culture. .”

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