Essays on 12 years a slave

Essays on 12 years a slave

12 Years a Slave tells a story about Solomon Northup was born a free African American man in the city of New York because of his parents who were previously free before they died. He was a landowner, a musician, a farmer, and a father. Northrup had a family that consisted of a wife and three children. The wife's name was Anne, a free woman, and the three children whose names were Alonzo, Margaret, and Elizabeth Northrop. He was offered a part-time job as a musician but this was not the case. He tricked and kidnapped was now soon to be sold into slavery.

The freedom that he did have was taken away which made him accept the fact that he was no longer a free man to others and become an abolitionist or support anti-slavery. Unlike most of the other slave stories that you have heard from other African Americans, Northup was different. He was not considered a criminal that ran away or broke a rule. He was a victim that was taken by criminals. He also had a different perspective on how he viewed slavery. He tends to shed light on his experience of his journey instead of speaking on everything horrific thing that has ever crossed his path during these dreadful twelve years. He believed in good and bad in this event in his life, which was not common for the average African American slave.

Northrup was very strong in faith and he knew what he wanted to happen. Determination is a big part of his journey, so he had to learn how to keep his head on straight. Northup was a victim of kidnap so this means that he didn’t have to explain why he ran away from slavery nor did he have to explain how he broke a law. Even though he knew indeed that he was a free man of New York, he accepted the fact that he was now a sold slave but throughout the book, he keeps the same mild-mannered tone. And within these twelve years, he spoke on the good and bad. Even though he was up for anti-slavery but barely spoke about it, he showed how he benefitted from slavery. Northrup gave himself more knowledge because he not only focused on tasks that were given to him every day, he kept a close eye on everything around him also. His curiosity and observations guided him to a better version of himself because he knew he needed to keep his identity for his own sake.

Northrup showed in 12 Years a Slave as a social gap and a free market by telling the audience about inhumane treatments that were received by slave owners. This gave a push for political improvements because he decided to give accurate details on how he was being treated through his bad and better days. He did not just focus on how badly he was being treated by his multiple owners but also how there were also some owners who were not as bad. Northrup emphasizes to his audience how feelings can turn into changes.

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12 Years a Slave story analysis

The plot of the book Twelve Years A Slave is the reflection of the author’s own life experience. The uniqueness of Northup’s book lies in the fact that unlike other slave narrated books; a man who was born free wrote this novel. All other slave …

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