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Traffic Jam In Jakarta

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Jakarta’s traffic has always been a big problem for the government. Every morning Jakarta has been always and always enjoyed with the name stuck. Well, indeed, what can we do, as the center of the capital which will never slept through the night to come pick. Traffic jams are everywhere in Jakarta. It is hard for people in Jakarta and in its suburbs like Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor to move around. It takes too long than it should be to get to one place from another. The most significant causes of the problem lay on some factors. One of the causes is the number of vehicles in Jakarta.

There are too many buses, cars, motorcycles, and any other kinds of public transportation in the streets. no longer wonder, when rain flooded and jammed into one hell feels like a home for all the work. Not just one or two hours, private car users can be up to 3 hours not moving. If we talk to dealing with this beautiful country, government is not honored will be no end. A little opinion on our system of government from the beginning until now. I think the bottleneck can be overcome by the reduction of private vehicles. Yes indeed, almost every head of the family has a personal vehicle. But all of this can we reduce the government a lot of money, funds allocation and so on.

Make public transport comfortable, safe, plentiful, easy to reach, etc. With this people will switch to not use private vehicles. Why use a private vehicle anyway no public transport is safe, comfortable. Once people’s minds when they developed public facilities. It would certainly reduce the number of vehicles. Reduce pollution as well right? how do you cope with traffic, public transportation in Indonesia now just become a tool for criminals to rape, robbery, sexual abuse and many more. No wonder if the interest in public transport is less than private vehicles.

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If indeed there are many cases like this, remove the serious legal, proper and in accordance with the actors do. If public transport is made more secure, convenient, effective, would jam a little loose. At least the volume of vehicles is reduced because they prefer public transportation. It’s just not regularly public transport, indiscriminate parking, driving like crazy, especially away from the comfortable security. So, my opinion still haunts Jakarta traffic jam to us before public transport facilities could be improved and the system works. Provide safe and convenient facilities, cheap price reach and act decisively on the laws, give severe punishment, retribution to the perpetrators of crime on public transport.

With this, it might be a little to reduce traffic jam in Jakarta. Actually the government of DKI Jakarta has also think about the traffic jam problem and they come out with PRODASIH (clean air program). One of the example is “three in one” which means there should be three people or more in one car, but in the reality lots of the car owner use jockey to avoid the regulation. So it comes back to the people of Jakarta consciousness to make the traffic in Jakarta more enjoyable. If they can not do this then may be in the next year there will be all traffic jam in the street of Jakarta that make the people harder to go through even to go out of their home.

I realize that now the traffic jam seems to be more crowded and long. Even in the place where usually never been any traffic jam now there is a jam and it is quite long and heavy. Maybe the government can be stricter about the regulation that they have already made. And I suggest to the government if the want to build street infrastructure such as the busway for Trans Jakarta they should make a better planning in it. Because what I see now is that they make it all in one time which make all the street suffering worse in traffic jam because all the street are under construction.

Can’t you make it just one by one Mr.Goverment? because if you make it one by one it will be easier for others to find alternative way in order to avoid the street construction. To conclude, the city government must do the research in order to find the solution for these problems and build more facilities like highways and streets. Creating and implementing strict regulation for the traffic systems can also solve the problem.

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