Advantahes and Disadvantages of Public Transport

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Advantages and disadvantages of public transport This is a website informing towards young people some advantages and disadvantages of public transport. Many of us are in these days use our own vehicles to get to our destination and utilizing it as our ‘daily use’, whereas numbers of public transport are reducing since many people are passing their driving test and buying their own cars. This is leading to pollution in the Earth; hence I will be mentioning some advantages and disadvantages of public transport. Firstly, I will be talking about the disadvantages of it.

Disadvantages Delay Public Transport causes some passengers to wait at the station or at the bus stop, which really wastes a person’s valuable time. It may also lead someone losing their job. If there’s bad weather i. e. snow, rain etc, then a person can’t get any heating system in the bus stop nor can he get it in the train station. This can be another reason for falling into a serious illness of someone. In this case any children or any other adult person will lose out on something which is really essential. Safety/Security

One of the disadvantages of public transport is that they do not check a person’s bag or properties if there’s any dangerous property, like the way it gets done in the airport. Therefore, public transport gives everyone the opportunity to ride in it safely. Therefore, there could be any terrorist attack or hustling if someone uses the public transport, due to that number of people die this includes children as well. Many people return to their destination and they end up losing their property. This situation everyone faces, especially when there’s people are packed inside the bus or train.

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Comfort/Hygiene/Cleanliness Public transport doesn’t make anyone feel comfortable nor does it make anyone feel hygienic. This causes because of those people who smokes, stays dirty and like to vandalise those items due to these it put up a bad image on public transport. Not everyone abide by these rules and it makes other people influenced when they see a person doing those bad actions. Only one or two of us decide to take action upon it, whereas the others don’t really care since they are riding it only for temporary time.

It’s more likely for a person to get seriously ill, because of the condition of a bus, train and trams etc. Most of the time you see the bus or the train is littered with rubbish, alcohol bottles which is not very nice to see. Privacy In public transport there isn’t privacy to occupy yourself in: - reading books, sleeping, doing your work etc. There are a lots of time you can get find someone who is really irritating. Unlike if you have your own car then you can get whoever you want and reject the unwanted passenger. Nevertheless, when using public transport so many people huddle around and try to steal one's property.

This makes it really uncomfortable for the one to use the public transport, due to the lack of privacy. Whereas, in your own car there are no crowds or nothing which will irritate you, but instead you can occupy yourself in some of your own activities. Embarkation Point Additionally, if a person desires to use public transport then he has to go to a specific embarkation point. An embarkation point is where the buses, trains etc leave from. This could be a great hassle for a person who has a lot of luggage to carry, and it might also make someone miss their bus or train.

This can cause a lot of problem for a person’s study or work. The vehicle won’t start whenever you want it; there are specific timetable for their departures. Sometimes the vehicle stops at a different embarkation point or at the wrong embarkation point due to some road works. This is the main cause of people who are losing out in their works. Advantages Safety Public transport tries as much as possible to provide their best services for the public. They have provided safety and security for the passengers, by putting: - CCTV cameras, fire alarms, fire extinguishers etc. ost of the time crime takes place and it causes the public to avoid using it. Unlike one’s own car there is no safety, and a driver would only keep some spare tyres and tools only for his car. Time saving Public transport allows you to be punctual by knowing its specific timetable. This can cause you to be on time for catching up on your ‘essential needs’. There are other transports which don’t have to stop themselves in the traffic due to them having some specific routes e. g. train, trams. This makes it really effective, as well as time saving. They run at the speed of 150m/h.

In the same way the buses have some specific routes to run on. Unlike, if a person owns his own car then he has to wait for the traffic, and it can cause a lot of problem. Conclusion In conclusion, I think that public transport is really ideal for the whole of the public. By looking at its advantages, it shows the how can a person can attain benefit out of it. Therefore, I recommend that all public should start to use public transports as it can bring a lot of benefits to us and the Earth. It also reduces the amount of pollution the Earth is facing.

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What is the advantage and disadvantage of public transportation?
The advantage of public transportation is that it is often cheaper than other forms of transportation, such as driving a car or taking a taxi. Additionally, it can be more convenient than other forms of transportation, as it can take you directly to your destination. The disadvantage of public transportation is that it can be crowded and uncomfortable, and it may not always be reliable. Additionally, it may not be available in all areas.
What are the advantages of public transport?
The advantages of public transport include cost savings, convenience, and environmental benefits. Public transport is often cheaper than owning and operating a car, and it can be more convenient than driving, as it eliminates the need to find parking and navigate traffic. Additionally, public transport reduces emissions and helps to reduce air pollution.
What are the disadvantages of transportation?
The main disadvantages of transportation are the environmental impacts, such as air pollution, noise pollution, and the release of greenhouse gases. Additionally, transportation can be expensive, and can cause traffic congestion in urban areas. Finally, transportation can be dangerous, as it can lead to accidents and fatalities.
What are 3 disadvantages of buses?
1. Buses can be slow and unreliable, especially in areas with heavy traffic.2. Buses can be crowded and uncomfortable, especially during peak hours.3. Buses can be expensive, especially for long-distance trips.

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