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Metro Manila is the metropolitan region which has the most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines and 11th most populous in the world. Based on 2010 national statistics it had a population of 11,855,975 populations that is 13% of national population (2010 Population and Housing Census: NCR). The rapid population growth corresponds to more economic needs and mobility for transport of goods, services and products. The direct relationship between urban areas and its population must meet the standard for deficiency of road and highway length as well as modes of transportation in metropolitan area. Nowadays, transportation is accessible at it is. Different modes of transportation are well available for the passenger in provinces and more advantageously in metropolitan area. It is the prerogative of the passenger to choose what will be the mode that would bring him/her to their destination as fast as possible. Sometimes, comfort and convenience are sacrificed in order to meet the time in school, work, event, etc.

Theoretical framework

Figure shows the model of the study – the theoretical framework. The respondents, from the first year students of pharmacy, shall be exposed to three experimental conditions, to elicit their waiting behaviors. Economic – efficient mobility for good vehicles that comfortably good for passenger, local economic development like LRT and MRT that are functionally good, and operational efficiency that passengers are satisfied from their travel. Social- social equity (fairness), human safety and health affordability, community cohesion, and cultural preservation from the passenger, Environmental – air, noise and water reductions, climate change emissions resource conservation, open – diversity, and biodiversity protection.

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Statement of the Problem

The study aimed to determine the behavior of Freshmen Students in Pharmacy of Centro Escolar University in considering different modes of transportation possible through certain place. Apart from that, the researches aimed to identify the following: 1. What is the attitude of the passenger towards selecting mode of transportation that suits their comfort and convenience? 2. What is the mode of transportation that is easy to ride?

3. Why are freshmen Student of pharmacy are being late and absent in class? 4. How can they limit their late and absences?


Amidst the growing number of population in the Philippines and blinding pollution it possess, students nowadays still resist to fight back these struggles they face as they go to school every school days. These troublesome concerns had been giving negative impacts to students. Due to this, alternative solutions are arising for a comfortable way of going to school. Options given to students are renting condominiums, owning a car or ride the hassle-free mode of transportation the environment offers. This study will show the adjustment of freshmen students of the School of Pharmacy of CEU when it comes to modes of transportation

Significance of the Study

The study will represent the behavior of freshmen Student of pharmacy in considering different modes of transportation possible through certain place. The considering factor will be enumerated and thoroughly discussed to inform possible modest and safest modes for a respondents that selected randomly. Data will also give volume of traffic occur daily to determine what specific day will have congested traffic that varies the choice of passenger and take into consideration the factors that provided by studies. The study is very essential into what mode of transportation will be convenient according to daily traffic state. At the end of the study, readers will understand why does majority of passenger’s took certain mode and why minority prevails choose other.

Scope and Limitation

Commuting is considered to be one of the daily tasks done especially by freshmen students of pharmacy. To commute or travel from one place to another varies by which mode of transportation is best, either by road or LRT/MRT, when reaching your destination. For this study, the data collection is limited to CEU students who travel by jeeps, bus, and taxi, LRT, MRT coming from different places within Metro Manila and nearby provinces to arrive in our campus. This will be in the form of survey questionnaire both in print and paper that will be handed out to students randomly to ensure that all the answers that will be collected from our respondents vary.

Since the research is concerned with the different factors, which affects the various choices of transportation for commuters, this would mean that students who drives and rents condominiums, apartments and/or dormitories are excluded in our study. Psychological analysis through series of survey will provide different factor that commuter’s takes priority in choosing most convenient modes of transportation. The research will only be limited to a small portion of the schools’ population since this will only last for 2 days, the data that will be collected will represent the entire freshmen student of pharmacy of the school.

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