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Reaction Paper About a Play

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Presents “ E ” The Dulaang Filipino is the College’s resident theater company. It is empowered to educate its audience on various social issues afflicting today’s society. This theatrical show was held at the 5F School of Design and Arts Theater (DLS-CSB SDA Campus). In this play, the story began in a musical way, showing their creative costumes, sounds, colourful lighings, all the characters were dancing, singing, saying out loud their dialogues one by one.

The story was all about the mystery that was happening behind the so called “greatest show on Earth. There was this general manager of the world's largest railroad circus who has a number of problems on his hands for the upcoming season. Then there is his maid that knows all what was happening in their place. Other main characters in the story were the two agents who tried to solve the problem / mystery up to the end of the story, it wasn’t solved by the two.

Up to the end of the story, I was still confused about the story and the characters because there was also a killing part where there were parts of the human body that were thrown everywhere on the stage, those hands, feet and the head that was taken off, I don’t know who’s head was that, but that part was very creepy for me, the light effects helped a lot because there was also a smoke effect and the color of the lights at that time was red. What I liked the most in the show was the roles of the two agents. I was amazed on the way they deliver their dialogues, kung ako ang nasa lugar nila, siguro malilito at

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Balas 2 mabubulol na ako sa pagsasalita. The second that I liked was the part that almost all of them were walking and dancing while wearing roller blades and they’re even on the stage. May part na kinabahan ako dahil baka may biglang mahulog sa platform na gawa nila, may mga maliliit din na gulong kasi ung ilalim. The third thing that I liked was that they got my full attention for the whole time of play, and I liked their costumes, colourful and creative, even though other props were not that made well and if I’m going to rate it out of ten, I will give them an eight.

Reaction Paper About a Play essay

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What is a reaction paper?

What is a Reaction Paper? A reaction paper is a form of essay in which you reveal your thoughts about a play, book, article, or any other literary work. This kind of academic writing has many parallels with a reaction paper because it contains your reaction to the reviewed work.

How to write a good response paper?

Here are some tips that can help you in creating a decent response paper: Keep the knowledge of the addressed work on which you are writing your response or reaction paper. While reading a book or watching a movie, make a note of the areas that encourage you towards writing. Specify the main ideas that you want to discuss.

How to write a reaction paper for a seminar?

For example, if you’re asked to write a reaction paper after attending a seminar on “Youth Empowerment,” you are expected to discuss not just the sequence of the seminar including the topics, objectives, and program flow, but also your feelings after watching the event. Your insights about it will be useful when you summarize the event.

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For example, add a rhetorical question at the end of the paragraph that matches the next argument. At the beginning of the paragraph, we recommend using statistics or scientifically proven facts. This works especially well if you write a reaction paper about a documentary or science fiction.

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