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Last time i visited ballet performance and saw twelve pieces, though I liked the most “Swan Lake Act II”, “Swan Lake PDD” and “Tchai Celebration”. Actually, it was Tchaikovsky spectacular and I am sure that he is one of the most highly talented composers of all times. His music is great and impressionable as it aims at enriching viewers and listeners spiritually, at showing them amazing world of art and music. As for me, only classical music helps people to appreciate art and become visitor of theatre.

Speaking about my feelings, I was really impressed and enchanted by the performance and music, especially by the parts of Odette and Siegfried from the “Swan Lake”. And even tears of delight were shining brightly on my eyes. I can say that I have become really interested in classical music and in future I’ll visit the theatre as often as possible. Classical music is aurally comfortable and makes people relax and enjoy the performance. Baler performances consisted of solos, twosomes and threesomes, but the stage always looked as if it was filled with man dancers.

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The costumes were also wonderful: colored tunics and unitards, flowing skirts and pointe. Thus, the costumes varied from the casual clothes to unique and original solution to intensify the impression and to create the necessary atmosphere. The dominated colors were bright and pastels to highlight the particular charm of all actors. I liked the most black and gold classical jackets and tunics because they symbolize importance of life and significance of love in our lives.

It is necessary to note that “Swan Lake” was performed in minimalist style meaning that only dark clothes were dominating on the stage. The dancers seemed to be obsessed with iconic style and standards of ballet. The performance was excellent and it is rather difficult to admit any mistakes because every arm and head of any swan was place precisely and the importance of the moment was skillfully emphasized. If to use ballet terms, arabesque legs were solidly held as the result of long-lasting rehearsal. Therefore, a careful directing eye was observed throughout the ballet performance.

The rare exceptions mentioned were not fully stretched legs and rather shallow pas de chat. I was really impressed when the three leading swans flashed rather synchronized across the stage and everybody said that every company might be proud of such professionalism. Odette and Siegfried were noteworthy. I can’t say that Odette looked fragile and delicate. Instead, i liked idea to show Odette as a Queen who protected her flock from danger. The dance was accompanied by natural mime and that was impressionable.

The arms of the swans were undulating beautifully and I’d like to assume that swans showed skillfully Odette’s transformation from swan to woman and vice verse. I also liked “Black Swan PDD”, especially their exacting choreography. The dancers seemed to be compact, though they were filled with energy assisting each other. I became anxious when one of the dancers began to tip in multiple pirouettes, but I was pleased to see the he remained unrattled. Abilities to fix the problem and to keep the balance are inherent only to professional and mature dancer.

I liked the famous fouettes in the centre of the stage and the turning, every fourth one a double, looked amazing and fabulous. Both dancers provided admirable performance for the viewers. “Tchai Celebration” is, actually, twelve piano pieces to “The Seaasons” and baler, therefore, represented months of the year. Composition of the ballet is rather inventive and is sourced in the music. The choreography was for the dancers who relished it meaning they responded with appreciation and real energy making viewers becoming involved in the world of music more and more.

The dancers seemed to explore together music and space. For example, “June” was as wonderful and marvelous as any i have seen on the theatre stage. The performance was very difficult, though never falsely contrived, and a toss, lifts and a catch were smooth to respond to music. I strongly recommend visiting the ballet performance because it remains lots of wonderful emotions and feelings. References Bai, Anjuli. (2007, April 2). Tchaikovsky Spectacular. Retrieved May 17, 2007, from http://www. cityballet. org/performances/tchaikovsky_review_3. html

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