Essays on Equus

Essays on Equus

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The Inspiration and Themes of Peter Shaffer’s Equus

Peter Shaffer was inspired to write Equus by the chance remark of a friend at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The friend recounted to Shaffer a news story about a British youth who blinded twenty-six horses in a stable, seemingly without cause. Shaffer never confirmed …

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Equus by Peter Shaffer

Summary: Dysart and Alan are in the office of Dysart, however they are pretending to be at the stables. Dysart asks questions to Alan and Alan answers all of them. Alan tells about his ritual in the stable. He does this ritual every time before …

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Equus Performance Commentary

On paper, Peter Shaffer’s Equus is extraordinarily vivid piece of literature. Onstage, it is a visually engaging masterpiece, where the complexity of breathing life into characters and settings by the perfected interplay between actors and the stage is an enthralling and emotional experience for all …

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Equus is a play by Peter Shaffer written in 1973, telling the story of a psychiatrist who attempts to treat a young man who has a pathological religious fascination with horses. Shaffer was inspired to write Equus when he heard of a crime involving a 17-year-old who blinded six horses in a small town in Suffolk.
Originally published



Alan Strang, Martin Dysart, Frank Strang, Dora Strang, Jill Mason, Harry Dalton, Hesther Saloman




Peter Shaffer


Setting: The Present; Rokeby Psychiatric Hospital , Southern England

Frequently asked questions

What do the horses represent in Equus?
The horses in Equus represent a number of different things. On a literal level, they are simply animals that are being trained and ridden by the characters in the play. However, the horses also come to symbolize a number of different things.On a more abstract level, the horses represent the primal instincts and urges that exist within all of us. They are a reminder of the wild and untamed parts of ourselves that we often try to suppress. The horses also come to symbolize the power and strength that we are all capable of. They remind us that, even though we may try to keep our more primal urges in check, we are still capable of great strength and power.
What is the meaning of the play Equus?
The play Equus is a tragedy that tells the story of a young man named Alan Strang who blinds six horses in a fit of rage. The play explores the themes of mental illness, religious fanaticism, and the power of love and compassion.The title of the play, Equus," is a reference to the Latin word for horse. The play's title thus symbolizes the central role that horses play in the story.The play is set in England in the 1970s, a time when the country was experiencing a lot of social and political turmoil. It was also a time when many people were questioning the traditional values and institutions that had been in place for centuries.The play Equus is a tragedy because it ends with the death of a young man. However, it is also a hopeful play because it shows the power of love and compassion to overcome even the darkest of impulses."

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