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PESTLE Analysis of Easyjet

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 Social And Demographic

During recent years there is a viable change in the life style of the people. People now a days travel more either for their holidays or businesses. The emergence of low cost airlines and their business models have fostered several changes within the ours and travel industry as well as are having a tremendous impact on travelers' behavior.

This increase in the traveling has a positive impact on the growth of various airlines. The development in the tourism industry especially in Europe over the past few years reflects this fact. Cultural changes towards traveling will benefit towards the growth of Asset.

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PESTLE Analysis of Easyjet

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Technological Factor

The rapid development in the technology can have significant effects on the growth and operations of the company. The use of internet enables the company to operate ore efficiently and it also opens new ways for the customers to know about various holiday spots and locations.

The development of e-commerce enabled 95% of Asset's customers to buy tickets online and Asset has become Europe biggest internet air ticketing retailer even though Web booking systems made market prices transparent. In addition, the company also introduced Internet check in service, Checking, for the convenience of their customers. Asset has to keep track of technological developments in the field of e-commerce and aircraft manufacture in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Legal Factor

CA regulations on charges relating to take-off and landing charges at airports.

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