Animal cruelty and testing

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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Imagine you were the one being tested on,imagine your skin being burnt off alive,imagine,your legs and arms being torn off alive.being burnt alive.Many of you may ask what animal cruelty is.Animal cruelty is the act of violence against innocent animals,just for the satisfaction for humans to carry on with their normal lives.

Ask yourself what’s more important;mascara or a living,breathing creatures with feelings,and a family of their own. As many of you already know,I have always stood against animal cruelty and abuse,and plan for a future of helping the matter. Today I will be discussing the three main arguments;animal testing,animal cruelty and why animal cruelty needs to be abolished.

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I’ll start with the different forms of animal cruelty.
When you think of this matter you just think of violence inflicted on an animal,leaving it out in the cold,but those are just a small percentage of the inhumane actions people are commiting as we speak. People force animals, such as dogs,to fight against each other until they die a horrible,unbearable death,just for the entertainment.

Each year,thousands of young greyhounds are killed because they lack racing potential,or they’ve simply injured themselves in a a summary,this means they’re being stripped of their lives for simply lacking a certain fitness level. Statistics show that 12,569 animals are being cruelly treated in Australia alone. 65% of those are dogs,which a few or you may even have yourself,imagine your dog,who is like your best friend being forced to fight another dog,having it’s ears torn off,having their legs but off whilst they scream for your help. Society doesn’t understand the seriousness of the matter,people are just abusing and testing animals for their own selfish lives,and no ones doing anything about it.

Worldwide, atleast 22 animals die every second in labs due to animal testing. They seem to think humans are superior to every other living organism and we’re the only ones who deserve to live. At this very moment, millions of mice,rats,rabbits,cats,dogs and many others are trapped inside cold,small cages in laboratories across the country(including oxford university!) They are breeded into a lifelong nightmare of being deprived from their natural habitats or a safe loving home where they belong. Instead, all they can do is sit there and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.

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