Marine Animals in Captivity vs. Wild

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There is a lot of debate on whether zoos are actually a safe place for animals and if humans taking animals from the wild and putting them in captivity is harmful to the animals and possibly putting humans in danger. There are a lot of pros and cons of animals living in captivity, some researchers say zoos act as a safe haven for the animals protecting some endangered species from being hunted (s.1). In zoos the animals get the proper nutrition and medical attention that can help expand their lifep rather than in the wild (s2).

Zoos are made for our entertainment and ability to learn and see these animals up close in personal and learn ways we can protect the animals from possibly becoming an endangered species (s3). When some people think of zoos they think of lions caged in bars and polar bears in hot air , Modern zoos have done a fantastic job at making each animals habitat as close to the real thing as possible (s4). Some zoos raise money to help save endangered species and run research projects on species they feel the need to know more about (s5).

In fear of extinction many zoos have breading programs for the animals that have a hard time mating on their own (s6). Having zoos make is easier to interact with wild animals in a safe way. If we didn't have zoos and people went into their natural wild habitat humans could possibly destroy what is left of it (s7). On the other side of the argument taking animals from their home and messing with the circle of life is crucial. Even if most zoos have good intentions and truly do care about the animals health and happiness it is difficult so recreate every species exact natural habitat.

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Elephants were made to walk miles and miles in pacts of thirty or forty and only have a couple of Acers to walk in the zoo with a couple other elephants (s8). Zebras and Giraffes are designed to run across miles of terrain but are unable to in captivity (s4). These animals not having the ability to do what they were designed to do and be in the open with unlimited miles ahead can cause the animals to be depressed due to small space and lack of privacy.

In the wild all species habitat is larger and more adaptable then fake staged captivity in zoos. Having animals in their natural habitat allows the circle of life to run its course with no human interruptions. In Zoos the longest an Elephant has lived was 55 years old vs. in the wild elephants live to be 60-70 years old. Some people argue that animals in the wild are endangered and not protected. They fear the animals are not getting enough food and the right nutrition. Wild animals hunt prey on their own and people fear if we don't keep some in zoos certain species will become extinct.

If we let animals in zoos out now mainly ones who were born and lived in zoos their whole life will not know how to survive in the wild. Their whole life they have had food and water given to them and have been protected. If animals live in the wild they have the say to do and go wherever they please, including your backyard or even local grocery story which could be dangerous for your family and pets. There are multiple cases where bears have been seen in family's pools or back yard.

Zoos help capture and give homes to some species that could be harmful to the ecosystem and extinct many species, For example a family brings home a snake as a pet they bought from a family friend, in the beginning the snake is small enough to keep in a glass cage having the cage be the snakes only home and a hand holding a mouse as its food source. Once the snake gets too big a family may release the snake into their back yard letting it live in the wild leaving it up to animal control or zoos catching the snakes and giving it a home. If it were to me Zoos would be shut down.

I strongly believe in leaving animals and nature alone and allowing it does to what god intend them to do. I do think Zoos are useful and fun but not for educational purposes. Researchers found people spend less than one minute at an animal display and most don't read about the animal. The animals in the zoo are there to attract business. Elephants are paraded around to make money and some zoos you can ride on an elephant for $20. Animals are not here for our entertainment or even our education.

They were put on this earth to live in the wild and contribute to the food chain. I feel we should keep an eye on species to make sure they won't become extinct or a danger to society but not create a fake habitat and keep them in zoos there whole life. I agree with Safari rides where they take you through the wild to see the wild animals in their natural habitat so see how they act and live in their correct elements. Allowing the animals to live in the wild we are allowing them the freedom of life and ability to have a longer happier life than in captivity.

Keeping animals in captivity can cause them to be very depressed and eventually become aggressive. There has not been enough research on wild animals and their feelings and behavior. An animal can get frustrated with being in captivity and switch on a staff or member of the zoo. SeaWorld has been a long ongoing debate on the treatment of their animals. An orca named Tilikuim acted out of stress from being held captive and tired of performing to amuse a crowd at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida resulted in the death of a trainer who "tilly" became aggressive with and drowned her during a performance (s9). Tilly was captured off the coast of Iceland in 1983.

Tilly lived free in the ocean and knew what life was like outside of his pool at SeaWorld. An Aquarium is extreme; no tank no matter how large is it could ever come close to meeting their needs of swimming in social group's long distances in the ocean. Richard Ellis, a marine conservation list at the American of Natural History believes orcas are one of the smart species and does not believe that the killing of the trainer was purely impulse but that it was premeditated(s9).

I believe keeping animals in captivity does have its benefits like protecting species and making sure they are getting the right nutrient and medical help they need but without more research we truly do not know how holding these animals captive makes them feel until they act out and harm someone or harm themselves and are forced to be put down because they simply acted like the wild animals they are and are made to be.

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