Essays on Biodiversity

Essays on Biodiversity

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Essay on Loss of Biodiversity

The biological wealth of the earth is the result of biodiversity development of about 400 million years. The continued loss of this biological wealth poses a grave threat to the survival of man. Biodiversity degradation is a matter of concern in the countries of the …

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Redevelopment Study of The Manila Zoo

The Philippines, being a colorful country of many cultures, traditions and people is one of great diversity In geography, nature and resources. Of these, the Indigenous wildlife in the country is one of the most special in the planet. From the innovation of trades, the …

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Pages 2
Essay On Resource And Development

Classification of Resources Pasts of Classification Exhaustible Ownership Class Biotic Biotic Renewable Non-renewable Individual Community National International Example Flora and fauna Minerals, Soil, Forest, Water, Wind Fossil Fuel, Metals Private land, orchard Village Pond, Park River, Mines, International Ocean Territory starts after 200 km of …

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Sikkim Wildlife and Biodiversity

Wildlife & biodiversity Biodiversity at a Glance India is recognized as one of the 12 mega diversity centres of the world. Out of the 18 Biodiversity hot-spots in the world, India owns 2, namely the Western Ghats and the Eastern Himalayas. Sikkim covering just 0. …

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Pages 19
The BMW Action Plan

BMW Corporation is an automobile manufacturing company established in with a global presence. With the three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group has its sights set firmly on the premium sector of the international automobile market. To achieve its aims, the …

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Causes and effects of deforestation in Myanmar

Harmonizing to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations U.N.FAO, there are about 31,773,000 hour angle hectares or 48.3 of woods in Myanmar. An norm of 372,250 hour angle or 0.95 % of wood have been lost yearly between 1990 and 2010. The …

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Pages 6
Negative Effects of Mining in Palawan

Thesis Statement: The continuous mining in Palawan will cause degradation of the soil, denuding of the forests and extinction of animal and plant species thus lowering its’ biodiversity. Biological diversity, or biodiversity, encompasses the variety and abundance of plants, animals, and microorganisms as well as …

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Modes Of Transportation

Metro Manila is the metropolitan region which has the most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines and 11th most populous in the world. Based on 2010 national statistics it had a population of 11,855,975 populations that is 13% of national population (2010 Population and Housing …

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Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Land Use Change

Introduction Significance of the Study Land and its uses are essential to all human communities. Every person is shaped in a range of ways by the landscape in which they live, and the products and resources produced on the land. Land and its uses are …

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Economic Globalization Essay

Economic globalization has become the most important feature and a general trend of present world economic development. Globalization is a phenomenon and also a process of development of mankind and human society. It is an essential feature of the modern age. Globalization is the cross-border …

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Man Wildlife Conflicts

The problem of Man – Elephant conflict is more severe in the districts of Hassan and Madikeri where large herds of elephants can be seen roaming and marauding the farms especially in or near the forest areas damaging the valuable agricultural crops. At times there …

AgricultureBiodiversityElephantEssay ExamplesForestHuntingWild Animals
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Animal Biodiversity

The defining characteristic for mammals and the characteristic which gives the class its name is the presence of mammary glands. Both the species I selected have mammary glands and nurture their young with milk from these glands. (more…)

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Globalisation and Heritage Conservation

Presents, people are awared of the importance of salvaging and protecting cultural memorials throughout the universe, or architectural heritage in other words.Conserving historic architecture and sites is the lone manner of doing valuable benefits of the built environment which draws attending of designers, landscape designers …

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Zoos are a Viable form of Protection for Endangered Species

The recent Living Planet Index report authored by the World Wildlife Fund and the London Zoological Society paints a disturbing picture: globally, on average, vertebrate species populations have declined 52% since 1970. Over-exploitation, habitat destruction and alteration, global climate change, and other pressures have created conditions that …

AnimalsBiodiversityEcologyEndangered SpeciesExtinctionZoo
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National Parks of |Ethiopia

It is the oldest and most develode wildlife reserve in Ethiopia. It is even easy to access, situated 210kms (130miles) east of Addis Ababa. Awash national park occupies about 830 square kilometers (320sq. miles) of dry savannah in the middle of the rift valley. This …

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Sustainable development in the caribbean

Introduction According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development sustainable development “is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (IISD, 2011). Sustainable development in the Caribbean context can be viewed by looking …

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Pages 2
Trends in Organizational Behavior

The emerging trends in organizational behavior in today’s restaurant businesses are of undeniable significance to the industry. This principle holds true in terms of how such modern organizational behavior trends relate with ethical issues within the industry and impact the management of stress among personnel. …

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Effect of Globalisation on Australia

The Australia has national Interests In domestic and world affairs. Australia is more multi-cultural with diffuse international associations and loyalties. Citizenship gives patriotism, heroism, national poetry, painting, literature and political rhetoric and historiography have extolled citizenship qualities and actions that are desirable. This essay talks …

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Bani Yas Island

United Arab Emirates has a fruitful history since it’s founding as one nation. This nation was originally composed of tribal groups along the territory within the Gulf of Persian the Oman Gulf. This country was converted into Islam in the year 600 A. D. Long …

BiodiversityEcologyEcosystemNatureRenewable EnergyTourism
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Marine Protected Areas: Are They Generally Effective

Whether coral reef marine protected areas actually protect at risk species is an important issue to consider. Knowing the answer could lead to a better ability to answer other questions about marine environments. For example, a more defined correlation could be made between the increasing …

BiodiversityEcologyNatural Environment
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Protecting innovation methods

Introduction Protecting Innovation Methods Wholly Proprietary Systems are those focused on technology that is company owned and protected through patents, copyrights, secrecy or other mechanisms. The following methods that Everything Everywhere are currently applying to protect its innovation are: Copyright Trademark Trade secret Copyright Copyrights …

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The Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is located in the tropics, the tropics is found surrounding the equator, between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. There is a reasonable amount of rainfall in the area to sustain the rainforest and the area also receives more sunlight, since it …

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A Sustainable Development Strategy for the Maltese Islands

A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR THE MALTESE ISLANDS 2007-2016 Proposed by the National Commission for Sustainable Development 2 A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR THE MALTESE ISLANDS 2007-2016 National Commission for Sustainable Development 20th December 2006 This proposed Sustainable Development Strategy for the Maltese Islands was …

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Natural Resources and Energy in the Rainforests

The beauty, majesty, and timelessness of a primary rainforest is indescribable. It is impossible to capture on film, to describe in words, or to explain to those who have never had the awe-inspiring experience of standing in the heart of a primary rainforest. Rainforests have …

AtmosphereBiodiversityDeforestationEcologyEnergyNatural ResourcesNature
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American Black Bear Physical Characteristics and Habitat Loss in Florida

The American Black bear (Ursus americanus) ranges in length from one hundred and fifty centimeters to one hundred and eighty centimeters, and typically stands about seventy six centimeters to ninety one centimeters at its shoulders. While standing up on its hind feet it can be …

BiodiversityEndangered SpeciesExtinction
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Environment Impact Assessment Process in India

ENVIRONMENT IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS IN INDIA AND THE DRAWBACKS Prepared by – Environment Conservation Team (Aruna Murthy, Himansu Sekhar Patra) September 2005 Vasundhara, 15, Sahid Nagar Bhubaneshwar – 751 007 1 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS IN INDIA AND THE DRAW BACKS INTRODUCTION EIA is an …

BiodiversityDecision MakingDeforestationEnvironmentNaturePollution
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Apes Chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 3 Reading Questions: 1. Core Case Study: “Have you thanked your insects today? ”- Explain why insects are significant. Many of the earth’s plant species depend upon insects to pollinate them. Carnivorous insects, such as the praying mantis, control the ‘pest’ insect population. 2. …

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The Caucasus, Madagascar and Caribbean Islands: Biodiversity Hotspots

The Caucasus: The Caucasus hotspot, historically interpreted as the area of land between the Black and Caspian seas, covers a total area of 580,000 km. Located at a biological crossroads, species from Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa mingles …

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Biodiversity Outline

I. Introduction a. Over the past two decades, strong scientific evidence has emerged showing that loss of the world’s biological diversity reduces the productivity and sustainability of natural ecosystems and decreases their ability to provide society with goods and services like food, wood, fodder, fertile …

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Pakistan Wetland Program

The Pakistan Wetlands Programme (PWP) aims to promote the sustainable conservation of freshwater and marine wetlands and their associated globally important biodiversity in Pakistan. The programme strategy is based on two sub-sets of objectives. The first will provide the required policy, institutional, technical and financial …

BiodiversityNatural EnvironmentPakistan
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Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level. Terrestrial biodiversity is usually greater near the equator, which is the result of the warm climate and high primary productivity.


Usually three levels of biodiversity are discussed—genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Genetic diversity is all the different genes contained in all individual plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms.


Biodiversity is soul for life, each life is important to it. Biodiversity provides everything for free, do not lose this asset. Do not be an enemy of biodiversity, you are just a particle. Protect biodiversity by preserving the environment and loving species.

Frequently asked questions

What is biodiversity short essay?
Biodiversity is the term used to describe the variety of life on Earth. This includes all plants, animals, and microorganisms, as well as the ecosystems they live in. Biodiversity is important for the maintenance of ecosystem services, which provide us with clean air and water, food, medicine, and many other benefits.Biodiversity is under threat from a number of human activities, including habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. This is of concern because it is essential for the provision of ecosystem services and the survival of many species.There are a number of ways to conserve biodiversity, including protected areas, sustainable management of natural resources, and reducing human impacts on the environment.
What is biodiversity prepare an essay?
Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It includes all the different plants, animals and microorganisms that make up our planet. This variety is essential for the survival of humans and other species.Biodiversity is important for many reasons. Firstly, it helps to maintain the balance of our ecosystems. Different species play different roles in an ecosystem, and if one species disappears it can disrupt the whole system. For example, bees are important pollinators of many plants. If the bee population declines, it could have a serious impact on the plants they pollinate, and the animals that rely on those plants for food.Secondly, biodiversity provides us with a range of resources that we rely on for our survival. These include food, fuel, medicine and materials. For example, many people in the world rely on plants for their livelihoods. Over 80% of the world’s population uses herbal medicines to treat illnesses.Thirdly, biodiversity is important for our own wellbeing. Contact with nature has been shown to have a range of benefits for our mental and physical health. For example, spending time in green spaces has been linked to lower levels of stress and anxiety.Finally, biodiversity is important because it is simply beautiful. The variety of life on Earth is an amazing thing, and it is worth protecting for its own sake.In conclusion, biodiversity is essential for the survival of humans and other species. It helps to maintain the balance of our ecosystems, provides us with vital resources and is important for our own wellbeing. We must do everything we can to protect this vital resource.
How can we help biodiversity essay?
One way is to support conservation efforts. This can be done through financial contributions to organisations working to protect endangered species and their habitats, or through volunteering our time to help with these efforts. Another way to help is to reduce our own impact on the environment. This includes things like choosing to drive less, recycling and composting, and using less water. Finally, we can help by educating others about the importance of biodiversity and what we can do to help protect it.
Why is biodiversity is so important?
Biodiversity is important for a variety of reasons. First, biodiversity helps to ensure the survival of species by providing a genetic pool from which new generations can be drawn. Second, biodiversity helps to maintain ecosystem function by providing a variety of ecosystem services. Third, biodiversity can provide economic benefits, both in terms of the direct use of resources and in terms of the indirect benefits of ecosystem services. Finally, biodiversity can provide aesthetic and cultural benefits that enrich our lives.

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