Essays on Biodiversity

Essays on Biodiversity

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The Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is located in the tropics, the tropics is found surrounding the equator, between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. There is a reasonable amount of rainfall in the area to sustain the rainforest and the area also receives more sunlight, since it …

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Essay on Loss of Biodiversity

The biological wealth of the earth is the result of biodiversity development of about 400 million years. The continued loss of this biological wealth poses a grave threat to the survival of man. Biodiversity degradation is a matter of concern in the countries of the …

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Essay on Effects and Impacts of Climate Change

In the last few years, a rapid change in the climate has been observed. Weather has its own specialty, but now its manner is changing. This is happening all over the world. Scientists believe that the gases we are omitting in the atmosphere through industry …

AgricultureBiodiversityClimateClimate ChangeNatureWater
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Zoos are a Viable form of Protection for Endangered Species

The recent Living Planet Index report authored by the World Wildlife Fund and the London Zoological Society paints a disturbing picture: globally, on average, vertebrate species populations have declined 52% since 1970. Over-exploitation, habitat destruction and alteration, global climate change, and other pressures have created conditions that …

AnimalsBiodiversityEcologyEndangered SpeciesExtinctionZoo
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Critically Endangered Species Analysis

Plants and animals are a great design by the environment. Unfortunately, they face a high risk of extinction throughout the world. There are more than 30000 of species are currently in danger of becoming extinct because of human misbehavior. Lank clearing for development, hunting for …

BiodiversityEcologyEndangered SpeciesExtinctionFish
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Systematics in Modern Biology

Systematics is the root of comparative biology. Comparative biology attempts to relate characteristics of one organism to another, in this case homology and homoplasy are put to question because of similarity due to common ancestor or similarity due to a function. In systematic, studies focus …

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Protecting innovation methods

Introduction Protecting Innovation Methods Wholly Proprietary Systems are those focused on technology that is company owned and protected through patents, copyrights, secrecy or other mechanisms. The following methods that Everything Everywhere are currently applying to protect its innovation are: Copyright Trademark Trade secret Copyright Copyrights …

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Sustainable development in the caribbean

Introduction According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development sustainable development “is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (IISD, 2011). Sustainable development in the Caribbean context can be viewed by looking …

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Biodiversity Profile of India

Biodiversity Profile of India Dr. Md. Sabir Hussain Associate Professor Geography and Major Biomes India occupies 7th position in the world in terms of size and Asia’s second largest nation with an area of 3,287,263 square km. The Indian mainland stretches from 8 4′ to …

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Endangered Species

I have selected endangered species as my topic because no matter what we do or where we go, everything around us is affected by any changes that we make in the surrounding environment. One of the articles that I have selected covers multiple attacks that …

BiodiversityEcologyEndangered SpeciesExtinctionFish
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National Parks of |Ethiopia

It is the oldest and most develode wildlife reserve in Ethiopia. It is even easy to access, situated 210kms (130miles) east of Addis Ababa. Awash national park occupies about 830 square kilometers (320sq. miles) of dry savannah in the middle of the rift valley. This …

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Earthworm Biodiversity in an Arid Region of Rajasthan, India

Among the soil fauna, earthworms have an important role to improve soil texture. The soil texture plays an important role in water holding capacity. Earthworms have an ability to enhance soil characteristics. It contributes to the breakdown of organic matter and release plant nutrients (Edwards …

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Ecological Interaction Of Humans And Reptiles Environmental Sciences Essay

Ecological interaction is the relation between species that live together in a community ; specifically, the consequence an person of one species may exercise on an person of another species.Reptiles and amphibious vehicles seems non to play a really important function in the sustainability of …

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The Sustainable Urban Development Of Glasgow Environmental Sciences Essay

The Bruntland Commission of the United Nations on March 20 1987 defined Sustainable Development as Development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. Sustainable Development embraces economic prosperity, societal equity and environmental …

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Pages 7
Livelihood system among koyas

INTRODUCTION In the phase of globalization the question of livelihood has captured all the points of discussion. Various people have defined livelihood differently. Chambers and Conway (1992) define “A livelihood comprises the abilities, assets (stores, resources, claims and access) and activities required for a means …

AgricultureBiodiversityEssay ExamplesPovertySustainability
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Organizational Change Argumentative Essay

Diversity management can be best described a process aimed at establishing and maintaining a respectful and a positive working environment where the available work force can be fully utilized for the common goal of an organization (Lehaney, Clarke, & Cao, 2003). It can therefore be …

BiodiversityEssay ExamplesSustainability
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Causes and effects of deforestation in Myanmar

Harmonizing to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations U.N.FAO, there are about 31,773,000 hour angle hectares or 48.3 of woods in Myanmar. An norm of 372,250 hour angle or 0.95 % of wood have been lost yearly between 1990 and 2010. The …

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What Is The Significance Of Sssi Status Environmental Sciences Essay

The intent of this site is to measure the feasibleness of the reintroduction of preservation graze as a direction option for Odiham Common, Hampshire. It presents an overview of the Common, provides an penetration into other UK sites where preservation graze is taking topographic point, …

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Sustainable Tourism Development: Its Impact to the Local

It Is one of the most kibbles global industries, physically linking opposite sides of the globe, involving all levels of society and supporting many industries. Most sources agree that tourism is the largest industry in the world and also the one that has most growth …

BiodiversityGlobalizationSustainabilitySustainable TourismTourism
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The Great Barrier Reef Environmental Sciences Essay

When one speaks of the Great Barrier Reef, they tell of the most celebrated and largest coral reef in the universe. This eye-popping universe of works and carnal life is difficult to grok and is fantastic to see. The wide and shallow Continental shelf of …

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Exploring Causes And Effects Of Climate Change Environmental Sciences Essay

The epoch of cunctation, of half steps, of comforting and perplexing expedients of hold are coming to a stopping point. In its topographic point, we are come ining a period of effects. Winston Churchill The overpowering bulk of scientists agree that our Earth is undergoing …

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Essay On Resource And Development

Classification of Resources Pasts of Classification Exhaustible Ownership Class Biotic Biotic Renewable Non-renewable Individual Community National International Example Flora and fauna Minerals, Soil, Forest, Water, Wind Fossil Fuel, Metals Private land, orchard Village Pond, Park River, Mines, International Ocean Territory starts after 200 km of …

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Resource And Development Essay

Resource exploited because of lack of Hydrogen Fuel technology or capital resources drawbacks : Depletion of resources for satisfying the greed of few individuals. ; Accumulation of resources in few hands, ; Indiscriminate exploitation of resources has led to global ecological crises such as, global …

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Bergala Resorts Assesment of Tourism with Sustainable Managment of Environmental Resources

“An Earth Lung Destination” A Private Land in the Dadayampola Village, Thiruwanakanda, Beragala An Assessment of Tourism with Sustainable Management of Environmental Resources – -Sustainable development through regeneration and re-planting programmes -engaging and sustaining communities -involving the local community in developing income generation programmes -Local …

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The Caucasus, Madagascar and Caribbean Islands: Biodiversity Hotspots

The Caucasus: The Caucasus hotspot, historically interpreted as the area of land between the Black and Caspian seas, covers a total area of 580,000 km. Located at a biological crossroads, species from Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa mingles …

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The Worst Storm in Canadian History

Ice storms, also referred to as glaze storms, cause considerable damage every year to trees in urban and natural areas. They vary considerably in their severity and frequency. Ice storms are result of the ice formation process, which is influenced by general weather patterns. Ice …

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Management of the BLM’s Public Lands System

The government has control of over one-third of the nation’s land, and 398 million acres of that is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM 6). This land holds a wide diversity of resources, from timber and grazing lands found on the surface, to …

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Sikkim Wildlife and Biodiversity

Wildlife & biodiversity Biodiversity at a Glance India is recognized as one of the 12 mega diversity centres of the world. Out of the 18 Biodiversity hot-spots in the world, India owns 2, namely the Western Ghats and the Eastern Himalayas. Sikkim covering just 0. …

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An Economically Important Crop

A. sativa is an economically important crop and ranks sixth in world cereal production after wheat, rice, maize barley and sorghum (FAO, 2012). It is an important role as food for human and feed for animals in central high lands of Ethiopia; it is one …

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Economic and Financial Forces

The economy of Brazil is the tenth largest economy in the world in terms of gross domestic product. This populous country is also considered to have the largest economy in Latin America. Brazil’s economy is characterized as export-oriented and has a free market because of …

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Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level. Terrestrial biodiversity is usually greater near the equator, which is the result of the warm climate and high primary productivity.


Usually three levels of biodiversity are discussed—genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Genetic diversity is all the different genes contained in all individual plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms.


Biodiversity is soul for life, each life is important to it. Biodiversity provides everything for free, do not lose this asset. Do not be an enemy of biodiversity, you are just a particle. Protect biodiversity by preserving the environment and loving species.


What is biodiversity simple?
Biodiversity, which is the abbreviation of "biological", and also "diversity", refers to the sum of the two words "biological", as well as "diversity". It refers all life forms that exist on Earth.

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