Five Year Career Plan

Last Updated: 10 Aug 2020
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I am Moh’d A. Obeidat. I have two undergraduate degrees: BA in Accounting and BS in Nursing. I have served as an Accounting Major at Jordan University of Science and Technology where I used my training in Accountancy. I also worked as a Registered Nurse for four years. My extensive experiences in these two fields led me to pursue my MS in Technology Management with Minor in IT and Control at Illinois. This is because technology is very much needed in today’s practice of nursing and accountancy.

With the proficiency in IT, I will be able to integrate nursing, accountancy and IT to make the delivery of these services more efficient and effective for the benefit of patients and of those who deliver these services. At first glance, these pursuits may be totally unrelated. Yet, they are not. Accounting and nursing are integrated. After all, nursing is backed by finance and capital. I am committed to achieving my career goals: 1) Develop and integrate my knowledge and skills further so as to provide excellent service to my employer in particular and to the nation in general.

2) Provide excellent accounting services to my employer while using principles from my other training. 3) Become an excellent faculty and researcher at the Jordan University that sent me to pursue Masters degree and PhD. 4) Establish myself as an expert in IT and Control in Jordan and become a sought after speaker and strategist in IT applications as they are used in Accountancy and Nursing. My background in these two fields will certainly come handy as I solve IT problems and situations in these areas.

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5) Help develop the IT industry in Jordan and enable young people and other interested students in preparing themselves for IT practice in their respective fields. IIT Stuart education will help me achieve these goals. The school has proven to be a center of excellence in IT and its students go through rigid training and prepare projects that could enable them to become adept in their chosen fields of study. The school could also help me improve my skills in IT and Control. There are two things that I consider my achievements.

One is that I proposed and assisted the changes of a semi-automated financial system into a better and more modern one by using the Oracle platform. In addition to that, I also helped develop a payment notification system that helped employees view allowances and other payments electronically. In my view, these are considerable achievements. Yet, with the help of IIT Stuart Education, I can even surpass these achievements and draw closer to the goals I have established for myself.

I do have the necessary research skills and study habits that could help me survive and excel at IIT Stuart. With these skills and habits, I know that I can learn all the things that I need so that when I go back to Jordan, I will be able to apply all of these new knowledge for the improvement of the university I am connected with and the IT industry and practice in my country. An IIT Stuart Education is surely a great step towards this. Also read My Dream Job Accountant Essay

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