Five Year Career Development Plan

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In planning ones’ path to success, it is important that the person understands what career is being targeted in order to make a good plan in reaching the goals and objectives. Career used to refer to the series of upward moves with steadily increasing status, responsibilities, and rewards. Apparently, this term is only applicable to professional or managerial positions in large organizations. However, people have gone to the period wherein most of them do not want a long term career within a single organization.

As such, the modern society has given this term a new meaning for the people. Career is now defined as the sequence of employment-related roles, activities, positions, and experiences that are being encountered by a person (Jackson et. al. , 2000). Five years from now, I want to become a Senior Public Relations Consultant. This job would definitely require me to learn all the important aspects of leadership because I would be the head of creative people in an organization. Basically, Senior PR Consultant is responsible for the portfolio of corporate and financial accounts of the company.

Moreover, this position gives a person a chance to flex his or her PR skills from internal to external communications to media relations. Achieving the position as Senior PR Consultant is my career goal. This is my intent for working hard in my organization. In order to meet that goal, one of my objectives is to improve my service to the company by attending seminars and trainings that will enhance my knowledge and help me do my job better. Moreover, I would like to be recognized by my superiors for a good performance and quality service that I have provided for my organization.

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A person with strong determination will undeniably achieve any position that he or she wanted. With the proper combination of planning and skills, I am certain that I will be promoted to the highest position possible in the company. From being a simple office worker, the eagerness to reach another position will definitely help me achieve my career goal. Before I become a Senior PR Consultant, I need to be trained first through the positions that will test my leadership skills. I can be promoted as PR staff before I become one of the Junior PR consultants.

It is a manifestation that I need to be trained first before I will be promoted to the position that I would like to have in the future These positions would build my confidence in handling big organizations and the people above me will serve as my guide and inspiration in reaching my desired position. Higher positions mean bigger responsibilities in an organization; therefore I need to evaluate my performance in order to measure my capability of handling bigger projects and leading more people. Career management is the active and repetitive process of career assessment, planning, and guidance.

In career assessment, the person evaluates the aspirations and competence of the employees. In this process, the person recognizes his or her skills, capabilities, and ambitions in developing his or her career plans. On the other hand, planning talks about the method of setting the goals and objectives and the procedures of how the person will reach them. Lastly, guidance from the superiors will serve as the stepping stone of the person who wants to achieve more than what he or she has already gained. Career management is important to avoid the skills and competencies from becoming obsolete.

Moreover, this process would also ensure the organization that the new competencies and skills will be available in a constant changing work environment and technologies. Typically, the techniques and methods that are being done in career management are training, self-appraisals, performance appraisals, peer-appraisals, mentoring, and coaching (12 Manage, 2009). Through career management, I will be able to set my plans based on my skills and abilities which would make it easy for me to achieve my career goals.

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